If you could look into the future and get information about when your car might break down, or your water heater leak, you would probably find it very helpful. The information would allow you to take care of any potential problems before they actually develop. Many industries are now taking advantage of this kind of predictive knowledge, made possible by sensor technology, which allows for remote monitoring of assets.

We see it in mining, oil and gas, and the utility industry just to name a few. This Internet of Everything technology is allowing companies to get more accurate information about what’s going on in the field and the warehouse, allowing for troubleshooting before problems arise. The technology is saving money, and in some cases saving lives. This month, Focus magazine is taking a look at how the Internet of Everything is transforming energy. We explore everything from harvested energy, to smart buildings, to how IoE technologies can reshape the oil and gas industry.  We’d love to get your feedback on the issue, and hear where you think technology can take energy in the future.




Kirsten Chiala

No Longer with Cisco

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