For years, PowerPoint has dominated the solution selling scene, but the age of static slide presentations seems to be coming to close. Today, prospects and customers demand more. They want to see solutions in action. While PowerPoint provides a solid basis for introducing and discussing things like product benefits and features, when it comes to presenting software solutions, it often fails to deliver the messages of impact, immediacy, and relevance that help salespeople close deals. And just as one era ends, another rises to take its place: enter the era of the real-time product demo!

Join Cisco dCloud on April 12 at 8am PT (11am ET) for a live #CiscoChat on solution selling, the shift from PowerPoint to real-time demos, and a look at dCloud — Cisco’s catalog of fully-scripted, customizable demo environments designed for showcasing Cisco Solutions. In attendance during the #CiscoChat will be experts Scott Lee-Guard (@CiscoKiwi), Systems Engineer, Cisco, Andre Laurent (@askaccde), WW Director of Engineering for Enterprise Networking, Cisco, Josh Kittle (@joshuarkittle), Senior Collaboration Engineer, Presidio, Tony Cuevas (@cuevas27), Practice Lead Collaboration / Network, CDI LLC, and Silvia Spiva (@silviakspiva), Cisco DEVNET Community Manager.

To participate in the chat:

  • Make sure you’re logged into your Twitter account.
  • Search for the #CiscoChat hashtag and click on the Latest
  • The chat will be moderated by the Cisco dCloud channel (@ciscodcloud) on Twitter. Be sure to follow the account to participate. They will begin welcoming guests at 8am PT (11am ET) and posting questions for discussion.
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Don’t forget to bring your own questions to the discussion as well! We look forward to seeing you there.



Greg Hamilton

Program Manager

#Cisco Chat & Cisco Digital Training and Certification