What are you doing on April 18 & 19th, 2013? Mark your calendar for a social media event with Cisco! This event is titled Social Media for Savvy Marketers. You can join this event live or connect via our live webcast. Registration is required. Hurry because space is limited for this free event! Some of our featured sessions will include:

Driving Social into Business

Long gone are the days when social was only a marketing practice. Today, social impacts all corners of an organization – legal, customer service, finance, client managers, crisis management and even product development. There are very real business implications in this socially connected world, and it means that companies must learn how to drive social into their business. This requires education, best practices and policies that many do not already possess.

How Mobile & Social Combine

Experiences with brands have become more socially connected then ever – people check in, search on the go, post photos, leave reviews and more, all from their mobile phones. And new geo-fencing technology allows for hyper-accurate LBA (location based advertising). When you combine the relevance of location with the contextual understanding we can gain from assessing someone’s activity and conversation in the social space, a world of opportunities opens up. But the opportunities presented by SoLoMo also come with sensitivities to consider – responsible and strategic use of this information will be critical elements for success.

The Convergence of Search & Social

Most marketers will agree that social is an important, if not necessary, driver of awareness and customer engagement as well as a robust source for detailed customer data and insights. A less understood facet of social relates to the dynamic opportunities that arise when performance marketing (SEM & SEO) and social marketing converge. Marketers who integrate these two digital disciplines can more effectively optimize their content, messaging, media placements and overall strategic approach. These opportunities beg for a better understanding of the dynamics between links, search ranking, paid search, social sharing, content generation and content distribution.

If you’re attending in person, you MUST register for each day you’d like to attend in advance. If you plan to follow along on the live webcast, more information will be available in the coming weeks.
If you are attending in person, please come to building 9 on the Cisco San Jose Campus.

Building 9, 1st floor
260 E. Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134

The hashtag for the event is #ciscosmt. During the event, we will monitor and respond to questions related to our event. If you want to chat with us, send your tweet to @CiscoSocial. We’d love to hear your feedback! Please comment on this post below.

Registration for the event: http://cs.co/SMevent