We heard you!  Customers have long complained that they can’t easily find what they need within a book.  With the latest release we are pleased to announce that the new “Search within a Book” feature is now available on all Product Documentation Books and Chapters on Cisco.com.

The new Search feature enhances the usability of the book by bringing a much-requested capability for a quick way to find a term or entry within the book without the need to download the PDF.

Book Search Box



New Feature:Search Results matches box

  • “Search within the Book” gives the user the ability to search all chapters in the book, in the HTML format, regardless of where you are currently positioned in the book
  • A pop-up lists the chapters with matches to the query
  • The ‘Matches’ arrows allow for movement to the previous and next matches in the book
  • If you want to give it a try:  CLI Book 1: Cisco ASA Series General Operations CLI Configuration Guide, 9.6


What’s next?:

  • The next releases will include a large-screen version of the book template to take advantage of bigger screen sizes and show more content. “Search the book” in mobile devices is planned as well. And several known formatting issues will be resolved in August and later releases.

Have suggestions to make it better?  Let us know either by providing feedback directly on any document, or by commenting on this article.

– By Joann Hartman, Christopher Bey


Joann Hartman

Technical Lead, Services

Smart Web Technology Group, Tech Comms, and WEM IT