The phrase of the week “Beat the Heat.” Boy is it hot in the Bay Area where Cisco’s headquarters are located. So what are many people doing to cool down? Heading to their local ice cream shop of course. Now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with social but check this out. One thing in particular caught my eye at our local ice cream shop, they are getting into the social media game. Take a look.

Creating Buzz with Social
Creating Buzz with Social

A great example of how social media is used to help improve business. Not only are they showing people they have social media pages but also asking them to take pictures and showing them where to post. While many of the larger chains have twitter handles and facebook pages, this is definitely a must for small businesses as well. This particular ice cream shop is called Sweet Rendezvous and while they offer the normal cookies n’ cream, my kids favorite, and rainbow sherbert, they also offer flavors like saffron and cinnamon chocolate. If you check out all the reviews on Yelp, I’d say they have the right idea and business on these hot days isn’t too bad at all. So whether it’s for bringing in customers or even recruiting employees, creating a social media platform is a must for any business these days.




Joie Healy


Corporate Communications