Hello friends!

I am sure you are all in the middle of FIFA 18 Fever right? So far, many of the pre-tournament favorites haven’t lived up to expectations, but no doubt more drama is sure to continue. Who is your team?

Our team had the opportunity to spend some time with the Newegg Business Sales Team. This team is one of our favorites not only because we value their partnership, their close locale and capabilities, but we genuinely like to be around them! Their tenacity, yearning for learning, and motivation purely inspires us on the Product Team.

Unfortunately, one of my favorites, Scott who who happens to be the main networking contact for the sales floor was in Las Vegas, so we of course really missed him. Next time Scott.

I was joined by Nagaraja and Mike yesterday morning. We brought in bagels and they proved to be a hit. But the big hit was giving them our product lineup and contact information in the form of a Quick Reference Guide. We were upfront with this group that there is no way they can absorb what we could tell them. So the our sending thoughts was to contact us at ask-small@cisco.com.

As the sales folks had time to come and chat with us, we realized this format was by far the best as they could come when they had time, or when convenient. Sometimes it was busy, so it got a little difficult to maintain the 1:1 environment, but as time went on the morning, we got more and more 1:1 contact.

You can see in these images, Nag and Mike chatting about our small business switching, wireless and of course routing portfolios. You will notice the popularity of the bagels (Lol).

We took the opportunity to speak to the massive switching portfolio. For instance, the new SG350X MGig Stackable Managed Switch, and one of the new SG250 Smart Switch. I of course brought my routers which included the RV130W, RV340W and the very new (and not yet released) RV260P. On the wireless front, we brought the new WAP581, WAP125 and WAP150.

One of the notable points we stressed is explaining what MGig* is, and why it is important to understand it from a sales perspective. We explained that while it is not necessary for all Small Businesses, it is attractive for certain verticals. Also it is key for companies that require high wired and wireless bandwidth. This discussion bridged to the SG350X + the WAP581. Nag and Mike tag-teamed this while I brought up use-cases.

We asked many folks in the beginning if they understood what MGig Technology was, many did not. So certainly it was nice to make them aware of a new tech nugget that they can use with certain customers. We took the opportunity to let these folks hold our products in their hands while we provided a couple of tidbits of each product and respective portfolio.

Many had never held a high-performance Access Point, or a 60W PoE Switch capable of powering IP Phones, Access Points and cameras, all something all businesses are concerned with. One last point was that the portfolio really starts with a small home office router like my RV130W, which in reality is a network-in-a-box, then options go wild with Dual WAN VPN Security wired routers, Smart and Managed Switches, and high-performance Wireless Access Points. This left all of the sales team nodding their heads as they carried their bagels and Quick Reference Guide/One pagers!

We heard no less than 3 people say that they were going to start selling our solutions right away. Our response, “Let us know what help you need. Let Scott know and them he will ping us”.

We started at 830am with bagels and we ended at 12:30pm. Just in time for lunch. Mike retreated back to work. We were elated that Vivien and Roxanne from Marketing joined us, as well as Ernesto and Yusef from Service Sales joined us for lunch. We finished lunch and Nag and I hit the road. Overall we were pleased with our time at Newegg Business. As always it was nice to spend time with this fine team.

We always enjoy our time with our friends at Newegg Business. There is no one that has their ears closer to the street than our fine partners. We always listen more than talk.

A little bit about Newegg Business: https://www.neweggbusiness.com/info/aboutus.aspx

Have a question? Send us a note: ask-small@cisco.com

Enjoy the weekend and the futbol!

As always, we thank you for your time!






Marc Nagao

Product Manager

Small Business RV Series Routers