I admit it, I’m a podcast fanatic. If it’s about true crime, current affairs, or comedy, chances are, I’ve had a listen. But there is a podcast content gap. Our team saw a need for discussions around IT resources and expertise for the small business audience. And thus, our podcast “Small Business, Big Solutions” was born – streaming now on the Cisco Podcast Network.  

In each episode, we explore top-of-mind topics covering everything related to small business, from technology to company culture, and more! We bring in Cisco partners to discuss common SMB technology needs and how to address them, slay misconceptions about security, collaboration, cloud, and other IT solutions, and lead discussions about the workplace. 

“Small Business, Big Solutions” Streaming Now

You can listen to all of the available episodes of “Small Business, Big Solutions” now on the Cisco Podcast Network, hosted on SoundCloud or your favorite podcast platform. Episodes include: 

  • Ensuring Business Continuity During Workplace Interruption – The first episode in a two-part discussion with Cisco partner CDW focuses on the sudden shift to remote work in early 2020. We highlight what small businesses did well and chat through success stories. We also discuss the opportunities small businesses have to keep teams productive and engaged in hybrid work environments. 
  • Lessons from the Time of Covid – In part two of our CDW conversation, we take a look at business continuity for small businesses. CDW helps us assess where small businesses are today and answer a few key questions: What did small businesses do right when the world screeched to a halt? How were they already prepared for success? Where are areas for improvement? What are the top takeaways for small business owners and IT managers? And how can small businesses build on their success as we continue in this world of hybrid work? 
  • It’s Time to Ditch the Desk PhoneCutting the cord on a typical desk phone setup has led to an evolution in hardware and software for the small business. In particular, moving to cloud-based calling that follows the user wherever work takes them has delivered a number of benefits for small business owners and users alike, especially in a world of remote work. In this episode, Cisco partner Bullfrog Group talks through the death of the desk phone, including eight reasons why a company should transition from on-prem calling to a cloud-based solution. It’s a call you’ll want to answer. 

Tune in today to hear all of these topical episodes. And be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the upcoming discussions.

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Erin Hatfield

Global Industries Integrated Marketing Manager

Cisco Meraki