Cisco’s 50% Off Access Points for Wi-Fi Promotion enables eligible Cisco partners to promote and sell specific Cisco Aironet access points with a special “buy 2, get 1 free (of the same model)” promotion.

Pricing is bundled in order to drive sales of Aironet access points with Mobility Express. Each transaction is limited to up to 5 access points at no cost. Specifically, buy 10 Cisco Aironet access points and get 5 access points of the same model at no cost.  Click Here to go to the flier.

Wireless Networking in Minutes – Watch Video of IT Pros Setting up a Cisco Wireless Network


Simply Reliable, Affordable and Secure

Enjoy advanced features and simplify operations. Mobility Express allows you the flexibility to manage up to 100 access points from a single device. Mobility Express is simple to set up and easy to manage.

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For more information about Mobility Express go to SalesConnect to download the flier.


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