The pandemic has accelerated the pace and scale of digital transformation in healthcare. From delivery of care to security to clinical collaboration, technology is at the heart of today’s modern healthcare organization. For the CX Americas Healthcare Practice, it’s about helping healthcare customers leverage Cisco technology to increase business value, remove burdens and move healthcare forward, faster.

Applying strengths, improving outcomes

Health systems face several challenges, including mountains of technical debt, staffing issues and resource constraints, manual and fragmented workflows, and often, a lack of access to holistic, real-time data insights. They need to address short-term burdens while thinking about long-term strategic changes to find clinical and operational efficiencies through new technology.  In short, technological improvement can’t wait for a slow week.

That’s why our Practice leverages Cisco’s strengths in security, network infrastructure and collaboration to improve health and business outcomes in hospitals, clinics, labs, and patient care settings. We know that you need change that is well thought out, well implemented, and well adopted.

Our goal as a practice is to always lead with strategy to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to our customers and built from a healthcare perspective. To help you on this journey, we’ve added three new solutions to our robust healthcare portfolio. They include Medical Device Segmentation, INFRAM Assessment and Integrated Care Workshops. Each of these offers combine the value of Cisco products with proven expertise in healthcare operations and IT strategy led by focused healthcare delivery teams.

Domain expertise drives innovation

These teams understand the complexities and scale to drive sustainable healthcare innovation. They have domain expertise on the provider, consulting, and payor sides of the house, making them ideal partners when developing strategy and deploying the necessary technology.

With more than 200 combined years of healthcare IT experience, the CX Americas Healthcare Practice team has worked with large and small healthcare systems, rural and urban healthcare organizations, healthcare consulting firms and healthcare non-profits. This includes notables such as Advocate Aurora, Ascension, Epic, GE Healthcare, Halifax Health Systems, HIMSS, Nordic Consulting, and Wellstar Health Systems. Additionally, each of our Solution Architects and Business Development Managers on the team have no fewer than10 years of healthcare experience.

We’ve managed the design of hundreds of new facilities and clinics, enterprise-wide implementations, consolidation of collaboration strategies, deployment of virtual care solutions, mergers and acquisition activities, disaster recovery and business continuity strategies, and more.

Accelerating value, removing burdens

Our combination of technology and healthcare operations experience allows us to help our customers accelerate time to business value and reduce burdens.

Currently, we’re leading digital transformation strategy discussions with several major payors and providers. For a major payor in the Midwest US, we conducted a Contact Center Strategy workshop to help them reduce complexity, simplify maintenance, move faster and ultimately develop a blueprint for their future. The work we defined together will help to increase customer and employee satisfaction and ensure that the interactions are a value-add to patient care.

Similarly, a major Southern US research hospital had attempted to segment their network multiple times without being able to complete the work. We engaged with them and defined a completely different approach. They are now well on their way to implementing a new network segmentation strategy and shoring up their overall security strategy.

We’re also helping numerous customers to think through the technology at their disposal and ensure that it truly solves the problem at hand, while setting them up with extensible technology for future use cases.

Let’s talk

It’s not enough to know what to do next, and who you want to be as an organization; you also need to know how to operationalize those strategies, as well as overlay and move up the stack today with your technology and investments to achieve your desired outcomes.

Reach out to us today at CXhealthcareBD@cisco.com and let us talk healthcare with you.  Also, visit our Cisco Healthcare industry website for more on CX healthcare solutions, and follow our #HealthcareNow blog series.


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Melissa Owens

Senior Director, Healthcare Practice Lead

Customer Experience