The role of IT in enabling innovation and transformation continues to grow in importance. As your business navigates through digital transformation, you may be realizing a need for a new approach to your network infrastructure. And ways to fast-track IT while also overcoming complexity and navigating the talent gap.

For the last couple of years there have been many articles, blogs, and webinars on Cisco intent-based networking and how it can help organizations achieve these goals while driving business agility, big data scalability, and operational efficiency. To adopt intent-based networks quickly and take full advantage of their capabilities, organizations often need the help of outside experts and talents. That’s where Cisco Services comes in. Here’s how.

At the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Cisco Services helped the hospital’s IT team accelerate their journey to intent-based networking using Cisco Digital Network Architecture. They had the desire but not all the right processes, people, and resources in place to carry out this transformation, as well as overcome any challenges that may disrupt their business.


Cisco experts helped ensure trust and confidence at technical, financial and business levels, giving their IT-organization complete confidence in recommending an end to end Cisco solution to hospital executives.

Cisco Services was also instrumental in helping a large energy company through a major network transformation, as well as extend it to communicate with smart meters, connected industrial assets and charging stations in commercial parking garages. To do this, they replaced a legacy Nortel/Avaya network with a future-ready Cisco DNA fabric. The result: a massive network with a broad range of products from multiple vendors to support. Cisco Solution Support filled the gap by helping to accelerate adoption of their new Cisco DNA solution ecosystem of Cisco and solution partner technologies, while minimizing risk by providing centralized support to resolve potential issues quickly. Our expert engineers also provided implementation services to help customize software for IT business systems, enabling streamlined operations and cross-domain integration to drive business productivity with end-to-end network visibility.

In both cases, when customers considered using Cisco Services to unlock full potential of Cisco-powered solutions, it created a force multiplier to help maximize return on investment by accelerating time-to-market, reducing risk when deploying next-generation capabilities and managing broader IT-infrastructure to drive digital-ready transformation.

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Our experts can also help you unlock the full potential of your intent-based network by enabling insights from network data and by customizing or integrating software to help improve workflows or lower operating costs. Expert-guided data correlation and analysis, automation, proactive monitoring, and best practice remediation to manage and continually adopt new technologies can be instrumental to you wherever you are in your intent-based network journey.

Cisco Services provides advisory, implementation, optimization, technical support, training, and managed services to help you:

  • Strategize your journey to the intent-based networking
  • Unlock your network’s full potential as an open, secure, intelligent digital platform
  • Customize software and integrate with IT business systems and Cisco partner solutions for streamlined operations
  • Build your in-house expertise with new network knowledge and training for your IT staff
  • Drive business productivity with end-to-end network visibility and leverage best-in-class solution support

Here, take that moment to meet the experts, who translate business challenges into opportunities and accelerate journey to Digital-Ready Networks.


Don McCullough

Director Product Marketing, Customer Experience

Technical Services