Imagine this: It’s 1995 and you want to drive someplace you’ve never been. You pull out your trusty map, orient yourself, and follow the lines to your destination. You pay very close attention to mileage, signs, and exits as you progress because if you get off track, you’ll have to pull over to regroup and navigate back to the right path.

Same situation, it’s now 2005. You jump on the computer, input starting location and final destination, and print out directions. You pay very close attention to mileage, signs, and exits as you progress because if you get off track, you’ll have to stop for directions since you threw out your map a few years ago.

It’s 2018. You hop in the car and pull up your GPS. Even if you know where you’re going, oftentimes you use your device as it suggests optimal routes based on traffic, roadwork, and more. Your technology already knows where ‘home’ is and saves your favorite places. Even if you don’t know the way to your desired destination, you’ll have the intelligence in a matter of seconds. Voice prompts with real-time updates guide you as you go, and if you miss an exit, not to worry… your app will let you know how you can quickly get back on track.

In each of these scenarios, the basic idea is the same: you know where you want to go, but you’re not necessarily sure how to get there. And in each of these scenarios, the journey is very different.

This situation can be applied to today’s Global Service Providers as you work to move your environment from the “old world” to the “new world.” You need to simplify, but the complexity of the task is daunting. You want to automate, but you don’t want to automate a mess. You know your desired destination, but do you know the best route to get there? You may not even know where you’re starting from or have the resources to support the journey.

Cisco Services can help. And we’ll show you how at Mobile World Congress 2018.

Stop by the Cisco Services pod at Cisco Booth Hall 3 Stand 3E30 to see us demonstrate auto-deployment of 5G services in 5 simple steps. We welcome your participation via inputting 2 unique fields into the user interface, hitting “Submit,” and watching, in real time, what used to take 2 days happen in a matter of 2 minutes.


Service Request, Fulfillment and Assurance Portal

Cisco Services Demo Diagram: Auto-deploy 5G Services


You can perform many simple tasks in 2 minutes: make your bed, prepare a cup of coffee, tee up your GPS for a trip.

And, now, with Cisco Services, you can launch a new network and service. Because, now, with our smart automation approach, this does not require a manual process.

For Mobile World Congress 2018, our Cisco Services experts built a solution, integrated with third-party software, and automated everything from end-to-end. Imagine how your company could benefit from similar, smart automation.

Need support building a strategy, implementing, or optimizing your approach? Lean on us – we can help you accelerate your journey.

Cisco Services. Accelerate.

Experience our demo at Mobile World Congress 2018:

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We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona.



Steve Yager

Vice President Global Service Providers Services

Advanced Services