During the 2012 fall season, we launched a survey that seeks to understand how you use and value the security resources on the Cisco Security Intelligence Operations Portal at http://cisco.com/security. At the same time we also made available our enhanced feedback mechanism—shown below highlighted in red—to allow you to more easily share your thoughts and frustrations with our content.


The response has been fantastic; thank you.

Through the new survey and feedback systems, we are broadening our understanding of the content-types you find useful, those you don’t, as well as content you’re not familiar with. We have received very specific questions and feedback and done our best to respond directly when we could (did you include an email address?) and have responded publicly via @CiscoSecurity a few times when no contact information was shared. For example, when an anonymous feedback-submitter suggested we provide RSS feeds for Cisco Security Advisories, we responded via Twitter with:

@CiscoSecurity: A friendly reminder, RSS feeds for all Cisco SIO content types, including Security Advisories, are available at http://cs.co/9007VQr7

Or similarly, when another anonymous commenter rated our Threat Outbreak Alerts (TOAs) highly and asked that they be made available via RSS we were able to point out the TOA RSS feed:

@CiscoSecurity: Security Intelligence Operations Portal feedback received: Cisco Threat Outbreak Alerts RSS Feed is available at: http://owl.li/cXPhv

We produce Security Advisories (), Applied Mitigation Bulletins (), IntelliShield Alerts (), and all other types of security content for you. If that content is not meeting your needs we very much want to know so that we can adjust. If the content doesn’t have value to you, it needs to.

If you haven’t completed the survey and have a few minutes, I’m asking you to help us by filling out the survey. Spending a few minutes to answer five questions may directly lead to changes in content that ultimately save you time in return.

Completed surveys and submitted feedback contribute directly to our planned next steps. Beyond responding or adjusting where we can, we are planning to revise the survey with more specific questions around your concerns. Completing today’s questions will make the revised survey more useful.

If you have thoughts, let us know! And as always, you are welcome to contact me directly if the survey or feedback mechanisms aren’t meeting your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Tim Sammut

Incident Manager

Cisco Security Research & Operations