Value Chain Security is increasingly top of mind across industry and government.  The word is out – the value chain must be addressed to ensure viable security.  Whether the discussion is framed as third party risk, cybersecurity or critical infrastructure, Cisco is at the forefront of addressing security holistically across the end-to-end ICT lifecycle.

Right before the 2017 US Executive Order on cybersecurity was released, I shared thoughts on How Much Security is Enough?  The video addresses the ongoing proliferation of security standards and guidelines, my prediction for the future of security liability, and thoughts about how to prepare for the onslaught with a holistic security architecture.  For more on liability see, “A Holistic Security Architecture May Just Help Avoid Future Liability” in the April 25th SC Magazine.

In April, Stu Miniman, host at theCube, and I reviewed data and insights on how companies can leverage technology, operations, and people to address the security threats arising from global value chains. We had a lively discussion about the far-reaching security impacts of a rapidly expanding ecosystem, Securing Your Value Chain.

Privileged to take the stage at the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Nasdaq Cybersecurity Summit in June, I joined a panel of esteemed colleagues debating the realities of “Minimizing Human Error.”  Masha Sedova, co-founder, Elevate Security; Alex Blau, VP, ideas42; and Avi Rembaum, VP, Check Point and I converged on a key message: Leveraging technology, process and, most importantly, key understandings about human psychology are essential to decreasing human errors.

Chatting with Cheddar at that event, I discussed cybersecurity, third parties, and the human element and the importance of embedding cybersecurity into daily life, devices and our personal and business value chains. After all, technology exists to serve people and should be designed and used in that context. Only then can a path to decreased security risk from human error be charted. For more on the human aspect of security see, “The Human Factor: Risk and Reward” in the July 20th SC Magazine.

For digital disruption to sustain its promise of positive impact there must be a comprehensive focus on security, not just security but pervasive security. And it is up to all of us to address security across the value chain in order to embrace the true potential of a digital world.



Edna Conway

Chief Security Officer

Chief Security Officer, Global Value Chain