Claudius. Iago. Richard III. Epic villains who used malicious, deceitful acts to cause pain and destruction in Shakespeare’s greatest dramatic plays.

Cybersecurity threat actors are no different.

Through malware, phishing, and other exploitive activities, these villains take advantage of vulnerabilities and seek to cause harm.

And it’s no secret that the shift to hybrid work has emboldened and provided new opportunities for these cybersecurity threat actors. This era has brought with it new perimeters, with a new level of devices. And more endpoints mean an inevitable increase in the number of potential vulnerabilities and blind spots.

In fact, Cisco’s Future of Secure Remote Work Report found that 67% of all cybersecurity attacks were through remote access.

By taking advantage of not only the rise in hybrid work – but also malicious email phishing campaigns – actors in the cybersecurity sphere are fighting hard to upstage their victims.

An epic transformation

Like the heroes and heroines in Shakespearean plays, security transformation is playing a leading role in bringing about long-term positive change. With the shift to hybrid work, security teams across the globe are preparing their organizations for their own digital transformation. As a matter of fact, NTT’s 2021 NTT Global Threat Intelligence Report showed that 83% completely re-thought IT security during the pandemic. Organizations need better visibility and faster response to the expanding attack surface to deliver digital-first services without interruption.

This digital transformation has never been more relevant and strategically important than it is today. And undoubtedly, what is needed now more than ever is a next generation cybersecurity solution – one that not only protects against threats but empowers a transformation.

So… to Transform or not to Transform?

NTT and Cisco give a resounding “Ay! Tis imperative to transform!”

We are transforming together to deliver more effective endpoint protection, unmatched device insight and faster response to threats. NTT developed its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform and managed service as the foundation for discovering hard-to-find threats, disrupting complex and sophisticated cyberattacks, and improving cyber resilience.

NTT’s MDR supports Cisco Secure Endpoint, further enabling our customers to not only stop attacks and remedy problems faster with a cloud-native solution, but also deliver robust protection, detection, and response to threats.

“NTT and Cisco have partnered together to deliver more effective endpoint protection, unmatched device insight and faster response to threats. By bringing together NTT’s MDR and Cisco’s Secure Endpoint, our clients can protect endpoints and both private and public cloud workloads. For the secure hybrid workspace, the endpoint is the new perimeter.”- Sean Duffy, Vice President GTM NTT Security

A storybook ending

Together we are transforming the value that our partnership brings to our customers. We are helping customers across the globe ensuring that their IT infrastructure is protected against the evolving threat landscape.

For NTT and Cisco, safety and security are vital to the digital transformation story. As the wise Shakespeare once wrote, “I would give all of my fame for a pot of ale and safety.”

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Chris Panzeca

Senior Director

Global Strategic Partner Sales