Note: This blog post discusses active research by Talos into a new threat. This information should be considered preliminary and will be updated as research continues. For the most current info, please read our full blog on TalosIntelligence.com.

Since the SamSam attacks that targeted US healthcare entities in March 2016, Talos has been concerned about the proliferation of malware via unpatched network vulnerabilities. In May 2017, WannaCry ransomware took advantage of a vulnerability in SMBv1 and spread like wildfire across the Internet.

Today a new malware variant has surfaced that is distinct enough from Petya that people have referred to it by various names such as Petrwrap and GoldenEye. Talos is identifying this new malware variant as Nyetya. The sample leverages EternalBlue, EternalRomance, WMI, and PsExec for lateral movement inside an affected network. This behavior is detailed later in the blog under “Malware Functionality”. Unlike WannaCry, Nyetya does not appear to contain an external scanning component.

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