Claudio Bozzato of Cisco Talos discovered these vulnerabilities.

Executive summary

CUJO AI produces the CUJO Smart Firewall, a device that provides protection to home networks against a myriad of threats such as malware, phishing websites and hacking attempts. Cisco Talos recently discovered 11 vulnerabilities in the CUJO Smart Firewall. These vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to bypass the safe browsing function and completely take control of the device, either by executing arbitrary code in the context of the root account, or by uploading and executing unsigned kernels on affected systems.

In accordance with our coordinated disclosure policy, Cisco Talos worked with CUJO AI to ensure that these issues are resolved and that a firmware update is available for affected customers. In most typical scenarios the firmware update process is handled by CUJO AI, allowing this update to be deployed to affected customers automatically. Given that these devices are typically deployed to provide protection for networked environments, it is recommended that affected users confirm their devices have been updated as soon as possible to ensure that the devices are no longer affected by these vulnerabilities.



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