Beers with Talos Episode 5 “It Has Been 0-days Since This Term was Abused” is now available.  Beers with Talos offers a topical, fast-paced, and slightly irreverent take on cybersecurity issues. If you are an executive, a grizzled SOC vet, or a n00b, you will take something away from each episode.  We won’t promise it’s anything good… but it’s something.

In this episode: Craig, Joel, Matt, Nigel and Mitch cover the potential of Samba echoing WannaCry and blocking SMB ports (but you already did that, RIGHT?). There is also some history lessons to give proper usage guidance on words like 0-days, backdoors, and other terms that the industry loves to hype and abuse for extra clicks.


You can listen via iTunes or directly on the Talos Podcasts page.

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