Businesses of all types and sizes stand to benefit greatly from the Internet of Things (IoT), with a wealth of intelligence for planning, management, policy, and decision-making that will help them maximize productivity and efficiency while minimizing costs. However, if not properly protected by integrating it with a solid network security solution, the consequences can be devastating.

According to John Stewart, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer for Cisco, “Cybercrime is no longer an annoyance or another cost of doing business. We are approaching a tipping point where the economic losses generated by cybercrime are threatening to overwhelm the economic benefits created by information technology. Clearly, we need new thinking and approaches to reducing the damage that cybercrime inflicts on the well-being of the world.”

IoT is going to fundamentally change the world for the better, adding unparalleled efficiency to organizations and individuals, alike. But if security isn’t an integral part of the implementation, you’re just asking for trouble.

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Jeff Aboud

IoT Security Manager

Internet of Things Technologies