After a bit of a break, the Security Stories podcast is back! Our guest this week is Dr. Christine Izuakor (@Stineology). She is the founder of Cyber Pop Up, which helps small businesses with their cybersecurity needs and strategies.

Christine has thus far had a varied career. Transitioning from the corporate world to start up land, she became an author, CEO, and hacker along the way. Christine is someone very motivated by injustice, which we talk about a lot during our chat.

Christine IzuakorWe also hear about Christine’s life and how she grew up, and why some people told her not to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Plus, we chat about the “opportunity divide” and how we can make the security industry more accessible to more people.

In the virtual pod booth, we have a brand new line-up. Sana Yousuf joins myself and Ben Nahorney as our new cohost. Sana is a Cisco security marketing leader and storyteller, responsible for a diverse set of threat-focused products and solutions. She is a diversity and inclusion evangelist, and author of several security research reports.

Sana Yousuf

In this episode, we’ll get to know Sana, as well as kick off a brand new opening feature. For each episode we’re going choose a topic that’s on our mind, and lead a discussion on it. There are no rules! This week it’s my turn, and in support of International Women’s History Month, I lead a discussion on influential women in cybersecurity history, whose work may have gone under the radar.

If you haven’t yet, do check out the ebook that I mention during this segment. It’s called “Lifting each other up: A celebration of women in cybersecurity and their advocates” and you can access it here.

Plus, we reveal the latest threat trends in DNS Security to help inform you on where to dedicate resources or training. For more of those great looking charts Ben talks about, head to this blog

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Episode time stamps:

02:40 Getting to know Sana

07:50 Influential women in cybersecurity history

19:12 Interview with Dr Christine Izuakor part 1

46:05 Threat trends: What DNS Security told us about the past year

59:38 Interview with Dr Christine Izuakor part 2

76:18 Outro


Hazel Burton

Global Cybersecurity Product Marketing Manager, Thought Leadership

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