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Esports are becoming massively popular, and you’ll commonly hear about how a player “carried the team on their back,” a phrase often used when a teammate perseveres through adversity, contributes more than their fair share, and ultimately delivers a win. Over the last year and a half, IT and security heroes globally have adapted and met the needs of their workforces that had to rapidly pivot to remote work. As organizations’ operations have radically changed, these heroes have “carried the team” and met the demands of remote work. Truly, a big win!

But the transition has left many teams exhausted. It is time to give them the recharge they deserve, and the level-up your organization requires. You can empower them to focus on your strategic priorities by adopting Cisco Secure Managed Remote Access. When you do, you will remove the bottleneck on-premises VPN brings with shifts to cloud. Additionally, consumption as a service maximizes your agility and eliminates the need to keep up with the pace of changing VPN technology.

Secure Managed Remote Access is our scalable cloud service that frees your IT and security teams to get back their focus on critical tasks, offloading routine remote access management to a trusted partner. With over 60,000 customers world-wide and 180 million connected endpoints, Cisco, the market leader in secure remote access, is that trusted partner.

Secure Managed Remote Access is managed by Cisco. You may not yet know the percentage or frequency of employees returning to the office, and that’s okay. The service enables you to dynamically adjust and provides your workforce with secure remote access to corporate resources. With Cisco, you can accelerate time to value, productivity, and user experience while reducing overhead and operational complexity. Our solution offers flexible, OpEx-based subscription pricing, helping you reduce costs by only paying for what you need.

It’s time we thank our IT and security heroes by giving them back their focus on the most important tasks. You can count on Cisco Secure Managed Remote Access to do just that.

Cisco Secure Managed Remote Access is available globally. Speak to your Cisco sales representative for additional details.

Share in the comments below how you became an IT or security hero during the transition to remote work, and what you’d do if you had more time. We’d love to hear your story.

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Christopher Consolo

Product Marketing Manager

Cisco Security