With holiday shopping in full swing many of us are scrambling to buy that must-have toy, hot new gadget, or latest fashion trend. But shoppers aren’t the only ones striving to deliver just the right thing. There’s an entire supply chain working in lock-step to make sure the shelves are stocked with what you want, when you want it. A critical component of that supply chain is transportation management.

Transportation management company leader Transplace understands the challenges and is focused on putting systems in place that their customers can rely on to keep their goods safe and secure as they get to where they need to be when expected. Transplace also provides more than transportation management to its clients, offering intermodal, brokerage, international logistics services and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. With all these great offerings, Transplace wants its customers to have complete peace of mind when it comes to their goods and the security of the goods and the systems they rely on.

Transplace uses Cloud Web Security Premium to keep its assets and systems secure because it provides an ideal, advanced threat solution for Transplace’s distributed locations and processes.

With a network that spans North America and a customer base that includes many of the largest shippers in the world, Transplace needs to keep roaming users safe. However, because of the sensitive processes an data it manages, it also needs to protect against the most advanced threats. Furthermore, it needs to do so in a way that allows it to manage its own internal security systems easily, keeping deployment and management simple.

The following are Transplace’s specific challenges that CWS Premium helps to solve:

Challenge: Zero-day threats and command-and-control activity. Transplace uses Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS) Premium to identify malicious activity, quickly determine a course of action, and accelerate response time.

Example of Score and List of Affected Users for Identified Threat (Zeus Variant)
Example of Score and List of Affected Users for Identified Threat (Zeus Variant)

Challenge: High bandwidth usage on a specific network segment. In addition to technical security reports, web-based reporting provides detailed web-usage reports so Transplace can optimize bandwidth utilization without spending a lot of management time.

Challenge: Keeping roaming workers safe. Cloud-based security protects workers wherever they are, without having to backhaul traffic to the data center.

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Story Tweedie-Yates

Product Marketing Manager for Cisco Web Security

Security Business Group