Managed services are an essential and fast-growing part of the security market, growing 14% annually. This presents new challenges for you, including onboarding vendors, driving customer acquisition, and providing robust IT solutions for clients. Security is a priority for your clients and your business, especially given the rise of cyber-attacks targeting your customers as well as you, the MSP. Every client has unique needs, and we know you as an MSP do not have time to deal with complicated billing structures and inefficient processes that cannot be automated.

Your job as an MSP is to manage your clients’ security needs so they do not have to. We’re here to make it easy for you so you can scale your business. That’s why we are simplifying how MSPs acquire our market-leading SaaS security products for organizations. We launched Secure MSP Center in the US market in November 2021 to improve the buying experience for MSPs purchasing Cisco products. MSPs can directly sign up, buy, and deploy SaaS security products to protect their clients’ environments within minutes. Now, almost 2 years later, we have continued to iterate on our program to ensure we deliver the best buying experience for our MSP partners.

Which SaaS security products can I purchase via Secure MSP Center?

Cisco Secure MSP Center gives you the opportunity to purchase Cisco Umbrella and Secure Endpoint. Cisco Umbrella provides your first line of defense against internet threats. With Umbrella DNS-layer protection, you can save time and block malware through enforcement, visibility, and management – on or off the network. Cisco Secure Endpoint offers cloud-delivered endpoint protection and advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) across multi-domain control points. We stop threats and block malware then rapidly detect, contain, and remediate advanced threats that evade front-line defenses.

How does this benefit you as an MSP?

To be effective, we know your experiences needs to be as frictionless as possible to not only safeguard your clients, but to maximize your time to value. Secure MSP Center helps you:

  • Generate revenue faster by signing up to become a partner. You can buy and deploy multiple SaaS security products from one location. Then easily make monthly credit card payment without invoicing. Plus, MSPs can transact in local currency without transaction fees.
  • Streamline client onboarding with our radically simple, integrated cloud platform. After directly purchasing licenses for multiple products, immediately begin managing your customers’ security through one multi-tenant console. MSPs can seamlessly onboard customers, manage policy, and automate enforcement.
  • Scale your client base without the hassle of going through separate sites for each SaaS security product your clients need. You’ll get market-based pricing for simple, direct transactions – and faster ROI for your business.
  • Partner with our team to receive end-to-end business enablement and support. Our team is here to make both MSPs and their customers more secure and help decrease security risks through our partnership. We serve as your strategic advisors.

What’s new with Secure MSP Center?

We aren’t stopping there! Our goal is to continue to optimize Secure MSP Center to create a one-stop shop for MSPs to seamlessly purchase SaaS security products. A few recent updates:

  • Protect your internal network for free with our not-for-resale (NFR) offer. This allows you to protect your organization with Cisco Umbrella. Enjoy this protection worry free, for up to a year. You can also use this as a demo tool for clients by showcasing installations, policy framework, and client-side reporting. Learn more here.
  • Check out where we are currently open – and transact in your country’s local currency for ease of business:
    • United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand (and more on the way!)
  • We offer a free end user trial so you can make sure Umbrella on Secure MSP Center fits your clients’ needs. Sign up today for a free MSP or MSSP trial request.

Test drive Cisco Secure MSP Center to see how it can streamline SaaS security management for your business. New partners can sign up for Cisco Secure MSP Center today. Existing customers can reach out to their dedicated partner manager or email msp@cisco.com for support.


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Ryan Franks

Director, Global Security Partner Sales

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