Whether it is misconfigured cloud assets, phishing, or malware, protecting your public cloud workloads from threats is a challenge with expensive consequences. If you have tried to extend your on-premises threat detection solutions in the public cloud, you probably know that they can be hard to manage, limited in scope, and ultimately ineffective.

The good news is no one can help you secure your public cloud workloads like Cisco.

Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud provides actionable intelligence, low-noise threat detection, and pervasive visibility in your public cloud infrastructure. As a software as a service, Stealthwatch Cloud is also easy to deploy – it can take as little as 10 minutes in AWS environments – easy to manage, and flexible in pricing.

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So what makes Stealthwatch Cloud better than everything else? It comes down to three major things:

Security that makes sense in the cloud

You adopted public cloud infrastructure for very specific business benefits. It allows you to be responsive to the business, boost the availability of your services, and – most of all – lower your operational costs by providing exactly the computational resources you need when you need them. Unfortunately, a lot of cloud security products undermine these benefits by being difficult to manage and producing too many false alerts.

Stealthwatch Cloud was built to protect the public cloud while retaining the benefits that you went to the cloud for in the first place. In environments that support it, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Stealthwatch Cloud consumes VPC flow logs. This provides end-to-end visibility of the cloud infrastructure, including every transaction that takes place, and automatically scales as that infrastructure grows and changes. This allows Stealthwatch Cloud to easily monitor your cloud environment with minimal management.

Alerts that don’t waste your time

The cloud provides machine scale: an environment that is automated and dynamic to address your needs without heavy human oversight. In short, it allows you to do more without a lot of dedicated people. Numerous false alerts throw a giant wrench in that system by requiring extensive analyst investigation.

Stealthwatch Cloud aims – more than anything – to only draw your attention to actual problems, and when we do, to give you all of the information you need to address it. Today, our customers rate 96 percent of our alerts as “helpful.” This low-noise, high fidelity approach to alerts ensures you don’t waste time responding to false positives.



Intelligent behavior modeling

Stealthwatch Cloud employs an advanced form of modeling – termed “entity modeling” – to improve our alerts. For every entity operating on the network or in the cloud environment, Stealthwatch Cloud monitors its behavior to draw conclusions, such as the entity’s role, how it normally communicates, and if it is communicating in an unusual manner.

Entity modeling helps Stealthwatch Cloud identify a variety of bad activities, such as potential data exfiltration or geographically unusual remote access. For example, let’s consider an AWS S3 bucket that has only ever communicated with other internal assets in your AWS environment. One day it communicates with an external host. This could be for a variety reasons, both legitimate and not, but it is significant enough to warrant investigation. Stealthwatch Cloud would detect this activity in near real time and alert you to it.

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Andrew Akers

Product Marketing Manager

Security Product Marketing