Cisco’s internal security conference (SecCon) is just around the corner and this year marks our seventh anniversary!

In previous years SecCon participants heard from a renowned privacy specialist, a Chief Security Officer from a large customer, a cyber security coordinator for two U.S. Presidents, and a self-described gentleman thief. This year we are delighted to welcome another lineup of top-notch industry-leading speakers, including:

  • Alex Stamos, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Yahoo
  • Dave Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), TrustedSec
  • Mano Paul, CEO, SecuRisk Solutions
  • Josh Corman, Chief Technology Officer for Sonatype
  • Adam Shostack, Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Usable Security Team
  • James Wickett, DevOps and InfoSec expert from Signal Sciences Corp
  • John Stewart, CSO, Cisco

The security community and talent at Cisco is growing at a very fast pace. SecCon has brought together hundreds of engineers, live and virtually, from Cisco offices around the globe with one common goal: to share their knowledge and increase the overall security posture of Cisco products.

This year SecCon’s theme is “Trusting the Internet of Everything.” IoE is the connection of people, data, process, and things. The IoE is made up of many technology transitions, including the Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, social, collaboration, big data, and cloud.

SecCon will take place December 2-5, 2014, and kicks off with a two-day conference. Cisco’s software and hardware engineers will then join two days full of technical presentations (bootcamps) where they will learn numerous hacking techniques to enable them to find and mitigate security problems, and proactively enhance the security posture of our products. The training includes the use of fuzzing, scanning, static analysis, reverse engineering, and many other security tools and methodologies. I am honored to be one of the speakers/trainers this year, and cannot wait until this event!

Blog posts about previous SecCon events can be found at: http://blogs.cisco.com/tag/seccon


Omar Santos

Distinguished Engineer

Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) Security Research and Operations