Making Security an Enabler, so Your Business Can Take an Exponential Leap

I joined the Cisco Security team the week after the RSA Conference in 2017. At that time there was a lot of discussion around the journey Cisco Security was on, particularly around our efforts to deliver an integrated architecture. For the previous years we had been integrating threat intelligence, context sharing and our anti-malware engine across our portfolio and were seeing dramatic improvements in key metrics such as time to detection.

But from the perspective of a security practitioner’s daily experience with our portfolio, we were failing. The user experience was siloed, it took too long to stitch our products (and third-party products) together, and even the navigation and look and feel of our products varied dramatically.

Shortly after that RSA we made the decision to focus our attention on the operational experience of our Security products, realizing that the usability component was equally as important as the underlying architecture. We stood up a team to lead us on that journey and began laying the foundation for what would become a huge leap forward for Cisco Security and for our customers.

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Today we are introducing Cisco SecureX – a new way for users to experience Cisco’s Security portfolio.  Cisco SecureX streamlines our customers’ operations with increased visibility across their security portfolio and provides out-of-box integrations, powerful security analytics, and automated workflows to speed threat detection and response. SecureX is an open, cloud-native platform that connects Cisco’s integrated security portfolio and customers’ security portfolios for a simpler, more consistent experience across endpoints, cloud, network, and applications.

The foundational capabilities of SecureX

SecureX builds on the foundational work we’ve been doing over the past 2.5 years, including Cisco Threat Response, common user experience, single sign on, secure data sharing between on-prem and the cloud and more. But it does a whole lot more. The best way to experience SecureX is to visit us at the RSA conference. For those of you who can’t make it, here are some of the most important capabilities of the platform:

Unified visibility

SecureX provides unified visibility across all parts of your security portfolio – Cisco or third-party solutions – delivering metrics, activity feed and the latest threat intelligence.  I am particularly excited about the operational metrics capabilities of SecureX: Mean Time to Detection, Mean Time to Remediation, and Incident burndown times.  These metrics are derived from full case management capabilities native to the SecureX platform.  Case management enables SecureX customers to assign cases, track them to closure, and add relevant artifacts captured during investigation.


SecureX brings full multi-domain orchestration and automation capabilities to our customers using a no/low-code approach and intuitive drag-and-drop interface to deliver high-performance and scalable playbook capability.  The SecureX orchestration and automation capabilities use an adapter model that allows users to quickly and easily orchestrate across Security, Networking, IoT, Cloud, Collaboration, and Data Centers.  SecureX already has 50+ adapters across these domains and will continue to develop more.


SecureX will deliver pre-built playbooks, and customers can also develop their own playbooks tailored to their own environment of Cisco and non-Cisco products.  With our phishing playbook for example, end users can submit suspicious email to SecureX to get a recommendation of whether it is malicious or not.  If the submitted email is malicious, the end user will be notified of recommended next steps, and an event will be generated in SecureX alerting the security team.  To deliver this capability, the playbook pre-processes email to extract observables, determines the verdict for observables, hunts for targets involved and takes mitigation and/or preventative actions such as isolating the targets involved, blocking the malicious domain as necessary, etc.

Managed threat hunting

Only Cisco can bring multi-domain managed threat hunting capability across endpoint, cloud, email, etc. because of the breath and scope of our product portfolio.  Multi-domain managed threat hunting detects threats leveraging a combination of intel and data techniques to surface activity that might have slipped past traditional threat, behavioral, and ML-based techniques.  High fidelity threats confirmed by our Talos and Research teams are then communicated to customers through the SecureX activity panel as well as via emails with detail artifacts, targets involved, and remediation recommendations.

Fast time to value

Unlike other security platforms in the market, SecureX helps customers get value quickly.  Getting started is simple – if you have a CCO account, login and add products to SecureX by providing API keys and adding on-prem devices (for Firewall and on-prem Email solutions).  If you don’t have a CCO account, create a SecureX account on the homepage, add products to SecureX by providing an API key and adding on-prem devices (for Firewall and on-prem Email solutions).  You are ready to go in minutes vs. hours and days.

Learn More about SecureX 

These are just some examples of what you’ll be able to do with the first release of SecureX. The platform will continue to evolve so your security can keep up with the speed of business, and your business can keep taking new leaps.

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Jeff Reed

SVP/GM of Cloud and Network Security

Security Business Group