Global analyst firm IDC recently named Cisco AMP for Endpoints a leader amongst endpoint security solutions in their report, “IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Endpoint Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection 2017 Vendor Assessment (April 2017, IDC #US42385717). The IDC study examines market-leading endpoint security solutions from 11 different vendors, based on a variety of different parameters, including solution capabilities, features, business strategies, buyer perception, and more.

In naming Cisco AMP for Endpoints a leader, the IDC Marketscape cited the following:

  • “Cisco Systems is a Leader in this IDC MarketScape for endpoint STAP for its tight integration with Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection portfolio to provide comprehensive protection against targeted attacks.“
  • “Cisco has created one of the most robust comprehensive management consoles to support organizations with the wherewithal to support dedicated incident responders and active threat hunters.”
  • “It provides investigators with rich, contextual information and the ability to conduct ‘retrospection,’ a search through historical data to correlate previous activity that may be related to a newly detected threat.”
  • “Cisco provides one of the most comprehensive and, more importantly, cohesive set of offerings to identify and block attacker activity and advanced malware across endpoint, web, messaging, and network-level avenues of attack… the solution should significantly improve a large enterprise’s security posture.”
  • “Customers interviewed by IDC praised the endpoint security offering for its ease of deployment and ties to Cisco’s network security appliances.”
  • “Users of the endpoint security solution gave its management console high marks.”

The IDC Marketscape also gave AMP for Endpoints high marks for its capabilities in attack prevention, detection, and response. The report specifically highlights AMP’s ability to detect and contain malicious threats before, during, and after an attack; increase endpoint visibility to see the full scope of an attack from beginning to end; enable rapid incident response; identify memory-only (or file-less) malware; provide automatic remediation based on cloud convictions; detect attacker tactics like manipulation of Windows PowerShell or privilege escalation; and built-in sandboxing capabilities to reverse analyze unknown files. The report also touts AMP for Endpoints’ broad coverage across platforms—including Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android—and the flexibility for customers to deploy the solution via the cloud or on-premises.

In the midst of an ever-evolving, increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, the Cisco Security Team will continue to innovate. We are committed to providing simple, open, and automated security solutions to help organizations protect their sensitive data, customers, employees, and brands. Cisco AMP for Endpoints embodies these principles, providing next-generation endpoint security capabilities to help our customers see more, protect better, and respond faster.

To learn more about why IDC namedCisco AMP for Endpoints a leader in the endpoint security space, download the report here. For more about AMP for Endpoints, visit cisco.com/go/ampendpoint.



John Dominguez

Product Marketing

Cisco Security Business Group