Welcome to the third installment of the new #CiscoChat podcast. This episode, recorded live from the Cisco Live Las Vegas floor, focuses on security — and more specifically, on encryption. Aside from detailing recent developments in this rapidly developing field, it also offers a glimpse into Cisco’s latest security solution – Encrypted Traffic Analytics.

In this podcast, I chat with TK Keanini, CTO of Cisco’s Advanced Threat Group. We discuss the evolving role of encryption, how it’s expanded over the years to encompass half of all web traffic, and the benefits it can bring to the business. TK then describes the latest Cisco security innovation, Encrypted Traffic Analytics, and shares some initial feedback from users. Listen in for answers to some of the following questions:

  • How has encryption technology changed over the years? Where are we now?
  • What challenges does encryption pose for cybersecurity?
  • How does Encrypted Traffic Analytics work?

Download the episode on SoundCloud or listen here now, and post your questions to the comments below.

Encrypted Traffic Analytics is made possible by innovations in Cisco DNA. Learn more about Cisco DNA here.

For a technical overview of how ETA works, read Blake Anderson’s blog post.


Brian Remmel

Marketing Manager, Security