Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud recently launched as a fully procurable SaaS service available on AWS Marketplace. As a security service available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Stealthwatch Cloud provides security monitoring, visualization, and automatic threat detection. Stealthwatch Cloud uses advanced modeling and machine learning techniques to identify behavior changes in AWS provisioned entities. Stealthwatch Cloud learns normal behavior for a resource or user and when a behavior change is observed that should be investigated, Stealthwatch Cloud will generate a programmatic alert, including the details and context needed to investigate the incident.

By offering support for Stealthwatch Cloud on AWS PrivateLink, private connectivity between a customer’s Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and Stealthwatch Cloud occurs without traversing the public internet. This connectivity further simplifies the subscriber’s access without the need for complicated peering, security configurations or the use of virtual private networks. When subscribers access Stealthwatch Cloud services on AWS PrivateLink, traffic never leaves their Amazon VPC enabling them to meet the requirements of regulations such as HIPPA or PCI.

AWS customers can use AWS Marketplace to easily discover, purchase and deploy Stealthwatch Cloud with PrivateLink connectivity from within their Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Console. AWS PrivateLink also enables customers to connect with DNS names rather than fixed IP addresses. Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud supports both usage-based, metered billing and fixed prices with term contracts. A 60-Day free trial of the full Stealthwatch Cloud service is available to all new subscribers.

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Ron Sterbenz

Marketing Manager

Security Product Marketing