Great news! Cisco Secure Analytics has emerged as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Network Analysis And Visibility, Q2 2023. The report states that Cisco “nails response integrations for Cisco networking and security customers” and “Cisco’s broad networking and security offerings create opportunities for easy NAV integration with the partner ecosystem and telemetry acquisition built in for adjacent Cisco product lines.”

These key elements play a crucial role in enhancing network security for customers. By enabling rapid incident response, response integrations empower organizations to address security threats swiftly. Telemetry data analysis provides valuable insights into network behavior, aiding in the detection and identification of risks and vulnerabilities. Furthermore, Cisco’s industry partnerships foster collaboration and innovation, enriching Secure Analytics with a comprehensive range of security tools and services. This ecosystem empowers customers to achieve holistic network protection and proactively stay ahead of emerging threats.

Cisco Secure Analytics stands out as a comprehensive network security solution, empowering organizations to effectively detect and respond to security threats by harnessing telemetry data from various network sources. This solution provides deep insights into network behavior and enables proactive identification of potential risks.

The Forrester NAV Wave represents Forrester Research’s evaluation of network analysis and visibility providers. In this evaluation, they assessed 13 providers across 29 criteria, identifying the most significant solutions through rigorous research, analysis, and scoring methodologies.

The primary objective of this evaluation is to present an overview of each NAV provider’s performance and assist IT professionals in making well-informed decisions tailored to their specific requirements. Key considerations encompass product offerings, strategic approach, market presence, and customer feedback offering invaluable insights to guide the selection process.

Cisco as a Strong Performer 

Cisco has consistently proven itself as a stronger performer in the market, demonstrating success in terms of our market presence, current offering, and overall strategy


At Cisco, we feel our market presence speaks volumes about our leadership in the industry. With a wide range of customers across different sectors, including those who have willingly expressed their satisfaction with our solutions, we are proud to be a trusted partner in their network security journey. As we continue to innovate and evolve, our focus remains on understanding and addressing our customers’ needs, delivering solutions like Cisco Secure Analytics and driving the direction of Cisco XDR. Our extensive partner ecosystem and comprehensive support services further demonstrate our commitment to providing exceptional value and support to our customers, ensuring their networks are secure and resilient. SCORE: 5.00/5.00


Secure Network Analytics (SNA) is a powerful tool for threat hunting that provides comprehensive insights into network activity through recorded communications and deduplicated records. Its user-friendly interface enables quick access to critical information for enhanced incident response and network security operations. The integration of SNA with Cisco XDR enhances overall threat detection and response capabilities, empowering organizations to strengthen their network defense and effectively combat evolving threats. The flexibility of deployment options, including hardware and virtual appliances, ensures scalability and adaptability to meet capacity needs. SNA also offers simplified cloud deployment through SaaS provisioning and comprehensive monitoring across on-premises and public cloud environments. With its robust telemetry collection and licensing based on the number of logs received, SNA enables organizations to gain visibility and enhance security across their entire network infrastructure. SCORE: 3.58/5.00


Secure Network Analytics (SNA) simplifies cloud deployment with easy provisioning and comprehensive monitoring. It provides visibility into both on-premises and public cloud environments, with integrations for popular cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. SNA collects telemetry from various sources, including flow, activity, and configuration logs, ensuring comprehensive coverage. It supports hybrid and private cloud environments, including Kubernetes clusters. Licensing is based on the number of logs received, allowing customers to scale and adapt as needed. Cisco’s strong partnerships and commitment to training and support further enhance the value of SNA, ensuring customers receive the expertise and resources they need for successful implementation and ongoing management. SCORE 3.40/5.00

Forrester Wave Strong Performer 2023 - Network Analysis and Visibility

“Cisco nails response integrations for Cisco networking and security customers.” The Forrester Wave™: Network Analysis And Visibility, Q2 2023

The rising interest in advanced security solutions like Cisco XDR and Cisco Secure Analytics reflects the need for a comprehensive security approach. Organizations seek NAV solutions that effectively detect and respond to network threats while seamlessly integrating with platforms like Cisco XDR and other security tools. This integration creates a unified view of security, enhancing threat detection and response capabilities. By expanding beyond traditional network threat detection, vendors like Cisco are embracing the convergence of different security functions, ensuring enterprises have access to a broader range of protection. This trend simplifies threat detection and incident response systems and enables organizations to tackle modern cyber threats effectively, leading to improved cyber resilience. Cisco XDR and Cisco Secure Analytics embody these principles by providing comprehensive security solutions that seamlessly integrate with NAV, empowering organizations with enhanced threat detection and a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

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