Download a copy of The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Firewalls, Q3 2020

The firewall has long been foundational to any organization’s security posture. But the antiquated notion of a single network control point no longer works as our applications and data move to the cloud and our users are everywhere. Organizations are augmenting their traditional firewalls with a variety of physical and virtual appliances – some are embedded into the network, others are delivered as a service, are host-based, or even included as native controls within public cloud environments.

At Cisco, we’re aware of the challenges of managing this myriad of security controls needed to protect the modern enterprise. We also comprehend the issues associated with the rise of mobility and IoT with the evolution of 5G and Wifi6, adoption of cloud services, workloads and data to moving into multiple clouds / SaaS services, and users and things accessing the data outside the enterprise perimeter. We’ve been on a journey to simplify and integrate our solutions and provide a more holistic foundation for network security based on the concept we call firewalling. That is, delivering world-class security controls with common policy and threat visibility everywhere you need it.

I’m excited to share that Cisco was named a leader in the just-published report; The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Firewalls, Q3 2020. In it, Forrester calls out our work integrating the firewall with other technologies “The vendor’s acquisitions of SourceFire, OpenDNS, and Duo integrate well into its enterprise firewall and associated services. The vendor’s Umbrella platform maps to a Zero Trust edge approach and incorporates major security services, like firewalls and CASBs, that can be cloud-delivered.” Get a copy of Forrester’s report here.

We believe that the superior level of integration between our firewall and other security technologies offer customers seamless interoperability with their existing security infrastructure, including third-party technologies, resulting in unified visibility, automation, more robust defenses, and improved threat efficacy. These capabilities are foundational for organizations looking to adopt a more comprehensive firewalling strategy.

Imagine shared security policies, centralized logging, and threat intelligence across your extended environment. You’ll have a unified firewalling experience with physical and virtualized appliances, the Umbrella cloud-delivered firewall, and even control for applications and workloads with Cisco Tetration. We are uniquely positioned to allow customers to choose the right security controls and offer flexible deployment in their environments. You’ll be prepared to protect:

  • Traditional, cloud, micro-segmented, and de-perimeterized networks
  • Endpoints, with class-leading DNS, EDR, and VPN security
  • Cloud applications, micro-segmentation, and containers

The Cisco firewall portfolio delivers greater protection to your network against advanced and zero-day threats by leveraging features like IPS, Advanced Malware Protection, URL filtering, and sandboxing. These are powered by Cisco Talos, our industry-leading threat intelligence research organization. Talos defends Cisco customers by finding new malware domains, malicious URLs as well as unknown or undisclosed vulnerabilities, and writing rules to help mitigate them. We also offer a variety of management options (cloud-delivered, centralized, and on-box) tailored to meet your environment and business needs.

What’s more, Cisco firewalls now come with Cisco SecureX built-in, unlocking your security products’ full potential across the network, user, endpoint, cloud, and applications. SecureX brings together the various capabilities across our Cisco Security portfolio and third-party technologies, to enable intelligence sharing and coordinated response.

Consider a firewall not as a standalone solution, but as part of an open, integrated platform that will scale to support your organization’s growth and innovation.

Download a copy of The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Firewalls, Q3 2020 and explore Cisco firewalls.


Chandrodaya Prasad

VP of Network and Application Security Product Management

Network, Cloud and Workload Security