We live in an age where technology is core to business and can impact success.  Staying competitive requires adopting and adapting to new technology. Direct correlation can be drawn to the pace of innovation and collaboration among teams.  Companies spend billions of dollars every year to implement solutions that help teams collaborate faster, easier, and better than ever before and are turning to cloud-based companies such as Box to handle their Cloud Content Management (CCM) solutions.

Using these collaboration platforms has transformed the way we work.  They have inspired us to create, edit, and share information both internally and externally with customers and partners at an incredible rate.  It is imperative that as businesses choose collaboration platforms that, in addition to ease of use and features, they also consider the security of their data and identities.

“Cloud, social collaboration, mobile and analytics technologies have transformed demands and expectations for content in digital business. The variety and volume of content continue to grow. So does its importance: increasingly, IT and business leaders use content to complement or even drive digital business processes.”

“By 2020, 15% of enterprises will have dropped their traditional ECM provider in favor of a provider that offers consumer-like content services.”

– Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms, October 2017

This is why Cisco and Box have partnered to help make it simple for customers to collaborate safely and at the pace of innovation. Box is known for its high security standards around compliance, privacy, availability and has created the Box Trust ecosystem to ensure customers are taking the appropriate steps to care for their data and users in the cloud. The Box Trust ecosystem helps organizations make sense of security controls and is comprised of vetted technology partners that can extend Box’s security and enterprise deployments. 

With Cisco Cloudlock, we help you get the most out of your Enterprise deployment by ensuring your users and data are safe and secure.  Whether you have regulatory, compliance, or auditing mandates, Cloudlock can ensure data is living in the appropriate places and shared properly.  We defend against account compromises and malicious insiders with cross-platform for User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA).

 Cisco is excited to be a part of this ecosystem and help IT keep pace with the speed of innovation and collaboration — all while remaining secure and compliant in the cloud.

You can read more on Box’s blog post here.



Hayley Bakst Hynes

Strategic Partner Manager

Cisco Cloud Security