Today, companies invest in making their security controls scalable and dynamic to meet the ever-increasing demand for their network(s). In many cases, the response is a massive shift to Kubernetes® (K8s®) orchestrated infrastructure that provides a cloud-native, scalable, and resilient infrastructure. This is where Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native comes in, giving you the flexibility to provision, run, and scale containerized security services. Secure Firewall Cloud Native brings together the benefits of Kubernetes and Cisco’s industry-leading security technologies, providing a resilient architecture for infrastructure security at scale.

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Secure Firewall Cloud Native version 1.1 is available now and offers:

  • SAML support: Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native 1.1 adds support for SAML authentication for a single and multi-region deployment.
  • FQDN support for AWS ElastiCache: The Secure Firewall Cloud Native redirector uses FQDN instead of IP address(es) to reach AWS ElastiCache. This provides a better way of handling failover events.
  • Support for new instance types: Secure Firewall Cloud Native 1.1 offers greater deployment flexibility to customers by supporting new instance types:

  • Enhanced multi-region load balancing: Secure Firewall Cloud Native 1.1 adds support for geolocation and latency-based DNS redirection.
    • Geolocation-based DNS redirection: Figure 1 shows geolocation-based load balancing. Geolocation DNS support lets you balance traffic loads by directing requests to specific endpoints based on the geographic location from which the request originates. Geolocation DNS provides three levels of geographic granularity: continent, country, and state.
Figure 1: Geolocation-based DNS redirection
  • Latency-based DNS redirection: Figure 2 shows latency-based DNS redirection. Latency-based load balancing helps you distribute traffic loads to the location with the least latency. It provides the fastest experience based on actual performance measurements of the different AWS regions running the Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native Cluster.
Figure 2: Latency-based DNS redirection


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