As the world shifts to a hybrid work model, with employees working from home, remote locations, or the office, organizations face new challenges in enabling these ways of work while securing their environment. Moreover, many organizations aren’t well equipped to respond and recover from breaches, which makes them vulnerable when an attack does occur. This is a difficult task, since security teams must not only stop today’s sophisticated attacks, but also worry about the attacks of tomorrow due to a continuously changing threat landscape.

Fortunately, Cisco Secure Endpoint (formerly known as ‘AMP for Endpoints’) protects your hybrid workforce, helps you stay resilient, and secures what’s next with a powerful, easy to use, and comprehensive endpoint security solution.

Protect Hybrid Workers

The pandemic led to the rise of remote work, and the ‘return to office’ trend has made hybrid work the new reality. However, most security teams are not prepared to operate in this new environment since hybrid work has significantly increased their attack surface, reduced visibility into threats, and led to unprecedented complexity. Nevertheless, security teams must defend their organization from threats while finding ways to enable these new workstyles.

Secure Endpoint allows you to protect your hybrid workers at home, in the office, or anywhere they work from with simple, comprehensive endpoint security. This solution is fueled by powerful threat insights from the breadth and depth of Cisco’s portfolio, which defends 300,000+ cybersecurity customers worldwide from attacks. Additionally, unique network insights enable you to identify and mitigate complex threats since Cisco is the leader in networking that runs 80% of the world’s Internet traffic.

Stay Resilient

While nearly every organization has an endpoint security solution that protects against threats, no cybersecurity solution is infallible. As a result, it’s not enough to just stop threats. It’s also critical to have a recovery plan in place that allows your organization to quickly bounce back from attacks and strengthen your security posture. Not having a robust plan in place can increase the time to recover from a breach and lead to prolonged disruptions to business operations.

Secure Endpoint helps you stay resilient against threats by simplifying security operations through native integration with an open and extensible Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution and advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities. This elevates the productivity of your security teams, strengthens your defenses with clear alert prioritization, and detects the most sophisticated threats. Furthermore, you can recover faster from attacks with deep insights from a team of industry-recognized Cisco security experts, who help you drastically reduce detection and response times while preventing attacks before they happen.

Secure What’s Next

Today, security teams face complex threats that can evade detection, but they must also deal with new and emerging threats that are difficult to anticipate. For instance, in the last few years we’ve seen new types of threats arise such as sophisticated supply chain attacks, ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, and major vulnerabilities that lead to numerous exploits and cyberattacks. Consequently, preparing for the next wave of attacks in this ever-evolving threat landscape seems nearly impossible and can be very stressful for security analysts.

Secure Endpoint helps you secure what’s next and stay ahead of the latest threats with endpoint security that’s powered by an integrated cybersecurity solution and actionable threat intelligence from the world-class Cisco Talos threat research team. This solution takes a unified and open approach to XDR that detects emerging attacks sooner by providing visibility across a broad range of telemetry sources, effectively prioritizing security alerts by impact, and accelerating response through guided remediation and automation.

To learn more about Secure Endpoint, keep a look out for the next blog in this series – Protect Your Hybrid Workers with Cisco Secure Endpoint – where we’ll do a deeper dive on how Secure Endpoint defends your hybrid workforce from threats.

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Nirav Shah

Product Marketing Manager

Cisco Secure