When you think of day-to-day operations, it’s usually about lowering costs and improving efficiency. Sure, there’s a need to have security and privacy controls, but at the operational level, is there a real desire to understand data—and make it work harder for you?

In today’s competitive landscape, we all need to rethink how we collect and analyze data. We need to free up data that was once siloed within sales, marketing and other functions, and share it horizontally across the enterprise to accelerate the business, not just enable it.

What better place to address this than at the operations leadership level? On the latest episode of the Privacy Sigma Riders podcast, my special guest, Irving Tan, SVP of Operations, shares his insights on the democratization of data and why it’s so critical for companies to align their stakeholders with data scientists to make better, faster, smarter decisions — for customers and the bottom line.

With such a special guest, we’ve gone video for the first time. Choose to watch or listen to podcast, but don’t miss what Irving has to say about the growing, vital role of data analytics to Operations.

You can watch Analyze This: Why Data Matters to Operational Success, Business Acceleration, and More, and listen to other episodes of Privacy Sigma Riders, at the Cisco Trust Center or wherever you subscribe to podcasts.




Michelle Dennedy

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