Retail is an industry in transition. As customer expectations rise and personalized experiences become the norm, many retailers look to technology as a potential solution … but given the complexity of alternatives and numerous solutions, many retailers struggle with which technology to purchase.

Where do you start? If customer experience will lead to more sales, that must mean an investment in in-store Wi-Fi and video, right? Or how about investing more in e-commerce, so you can offer customers a more engaging online shopping experience?

The reality is that the right technology – the technology that will actually improve your bottom line through a combination of cost reductions and an increase in sales – will vary based on your business needs. Understanding the maturity of the multitude of technologies and solutions that exist can help point you in the right direction.

Last month we held a webinar event to help retailers understand what technology is available today that can measurably help their business. As an example, while AI and blockchain are amazing technologies… can they really help you today? (You’ll need to listen to find out.)

And if not these, then which technologies are delivering the results you need to improve your business? Which technologies are increasing employee productivity, simplifying inventory management, and reducing costs?

Here’s a hint, but to get the rest you’ll need to listen to the webinar: Start with your digital foundation.

If you missed the webinar the first time around, don’t make the same mistake. Listen to the recording now and discover:

What is disrupting the retail industry and how it affects your business.

Where you can generate the most value from technology investments.

Which technologies can deliver measurable business results today, and which are fantasy.

How much of the $2.8 Trillion at stake for retailers you will claim.

Watch now: What’s trending in 2018: Understand what’s ‘real’ vs. what’s ‘sizzle’!


Jennifer Rideout

Marketing Manager, Canada