The expansion of our intent-based architecture means simplicity for retailers looking to deliver connectivity and frictionless experiences for their customers- no matter where they (or their data) may be. New integrations span every domain of the network, from campus and branch to WAN, IoT, data center and the cloud. When associates and customers experience consistent, secure connectivity from any device to the store network, trust and engagement follow. This is made possible (& made simpler to manage) by incorporating network segmentation, application experience and pervasive security.

How did attendees see this?

Domino’s has invested in the right IT infrastructure to digitize their pizza delivery service—turning the entire organization from a pizza delivery company to a tech company.. that delivers pizzas. With newfound IT agility and connectivity, Domino’s can manage mobile orders and data everywhere from the data center to their physical stores. Here’s how attendees at Cisco Live US 2019 experienced the digital solutions Domino’s has deployed on the show floor:

The advances for Wi-Fi 6 and 5G, AI/ML, and edge computing are changing the face of networking. To enable retailers to keep pace with the constant flux of devices, data and user experiences, the new DevNet Automation Exchange is the stepping stone to tackling new prototypes and innovative solutions in a retail environment with eagerly mobile consumers.­­­­

How did attendees see this?

We wanted to put this developer platform to the test in Cisco’s own retail environment. The Connected Cisco Store onsite at Cisco Live included many digital solutions (a smart fitting room and MV32 people-counting security cameras, just to name a few). In light of the developer announcement, the team joined forces with DevNet’s Co-Creation group and an external partner to prototype an Augmented Reality solution, giving shoppers X-ray vision into what solutions are working behind the scenes for the retail environment.

The design thinking and developer brainpower that went into this AR prototype is just one solution example for what a strong developer resource can create for a physical brick and mortar environment. It’s safe to say, the results of these innovative solutions in terms of consumer engagement were.. positive. 🙂 (note: image below features the Connected Cisco Store’s newly improved VR tour)

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