Adding more digital and personalized experiences in the store opens the doors for new opportunities … and vulnerabilities. Digital transformation enables retailers to meet consumer expectations across all channels, but that means access and flow of highly valuable personal and financial data will also increase. Protecting the consumer (and the brand) is part of the new retail experience that shoppers want and expect. Not to mention, integrating an effective security strategy brings the added bonus of side-stepping the financial costs of a security breach.

With the large target that retailers have on their backs, shoppers not only become susceptible to threats when they connect devices in a brick-and-mortar environment, but they can unknowingly bring security risks as well. The sheer volume of imminent threats surrounding retailers has actually placed Retail as the #4 industry targeted with cyber-attacks.

Consumers want to shop anywhere, anytime, on any device, while engaging with a retail brand – including online shopping while in-store. As a response, retailers are working towards providing a frictionless shopping experience where security is at the core. With so many digital touchpoints, the value of an integrated end-to-end security solution becomes tremendous. Check out this recent analyst white paper by IHL about how security should be a requirement to each digital retail transformation stage, and not an option.

Retailers know that security is of utmost importance now more than ever, but finding the right security solution that fits the size of their enterprise and budget can be quite a daunting task.

Camuto Group, Scheels, and SoulCycle are three retailers that have found their security solution – a solution that’s right for them – through Cisco. Find out what real-world challenges they were facing, and the impact that Cisco security products and solutions – working on top of a solid network foundation – brought to their bottom line.

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Nicki Vereschagin

Global Retail Marketing Content Strategist

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