Would you wait 5 minutes in a drive-thru line? How about 10 minutes? Speed is imperative for drive-thrus, especially when there’s a long line. A quick and effective drive-thru has become the norm of what a consumer expects. They want to order and leave the line as quickly as possible. According to Bluedot, 85% of consumers will consider or outright leave a perceived long line. So how can Cisco help you optimize your drive-thru, shorten the line and capture otherwise lost revenue?

Transform your drive-thru and curbside visibility and insights 

Computer vision can deliver business intelligence in drive-thrus with its ability to:

  • Detect and track vehicles from entrance to exit.
  • Monitor engagements at the window and curbside.
  • Measure elapse time at various stages of the process.
  • Automatically take action to shorten service time or triage the line to prevent balk.

Imagine picking up your kids from school and before heading home your favorite bakery sends you a message from their app. How does this happen? Let us show you:

Drive-thru optimization in Retail curbside pickup

Geo locationing in the app detects the vehicle leaving the school. As you pull into the bakery parking lot the store detects your phone via wireless and sends you a message that the drive-thru wait is 5 minutes, determined by video analytics but if you want your regular order, they can bring it curbside in 3 minutes. But since you are with your kids, and need to add their order, you decide to join the drive-thru line. The bakery starts to detect frustrated customers and some of them leave the line. Since the bakery knows you are a loyal customer, they offer you a free cake pop at the window. Once you pull into the digital menu board, you notice that it looks different. The bakery has actually updated it to promote items with shorter wait times, and to get customers served quicker. You place your order and pull into the window and pay with the bakery’s app. Quick right?

Continuing the conversation 

Going through a drive-thru remodel may seem intimidating. Working with an experienced partner like Cisco will enable you to put the focus back on your customer while we focus on implementing solutions that will increase traffic flow and ordering efficiency.

Check out our new use case focusing on drive-thru optimization in our updated Portfolio Explorer.  



Mark Scanlan

Global Industry Lead for Retail

Industry Solutions Group, Cisco Systems