Hello, everyone! I hope you enjoyed my last blog on some of the most popular use cases for analytics in the store.

I hope you are also aware of an exciting three-part series of one-hour free webcasts that Cisco is currently doing on analytics. We don’t usually go down so far into a single topic at these quarterly retail events. However, store analytics is so new and can be complex enough that we are digging into it to help you understand what you need to set up programs to drive your sales.

In Part 1 of the series, we showed how data can help improve differentiation and competitive advantage: By identifying the right analytics and metrics, you can generate insights and innovate for retail success. (You can listen to the recording here.)

For Part 2 on June 25, being held at 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET, we’ll discuss how you can move toward a truly data-driven model, where your insights from data help to solve specific business challenges. Several Cisco partners will join us to talk about solutions they’ve implemented that are already helping retailers improve their business out in the real world. Be sure to bring your questions!

Register today to talk about how to:

  • Determine what works best in-store
  • Optimize staffing and workforce efficiency
  • Increase marketing and campaign effectiveness
  • Create and execute an Analytics 3.0 strategy

Plus, you’ll hear from Cisco experts who will discuss how to increase your opportunities to profit along the entire shopper journey. Whether you manage store operations, staffing, layout, assortments, a category, an entire brand, or IT, please join me for this series of webcasts to uncover immediate benefits for your retail business.

See you there!


Kathryn Howe

Director, Healthcare Digital Transformation, Cisco Americas

Customer Value Acceleration/Business Transformation