The move to a mobile-first world has been expedited by the Covid-19 pandemic, and many companies have had to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives dramatically. This new reality has changed the way we shop and interact with one another. Retailers work vigorously to create emotional connections with their customers, and this connection must continue into the online shopping experience. This includes everything from the purchase transaction to the ability to respond to customer issues in near real-time. The real-time reaction requires an immense amount of data and an understanding of how the company’s platforms and services work together to get it right each time. This ultimately means that digital customer experience has solidified its place as one of the most important aspect of retail business.

For retailers, digital transformation is not a choice, as it is crucial to not only modernize but also identify and address customer-impacting issues immediately. Mobile applications and eCommerce stores are the main ways to reach consumers. Physical retailers are even adding contactless payment solutions for the long term, which means more digital touchpoints for the customer. However, if your eCommerce or mobile application is slow, this affects customer experience, and customers will find another place to shop. That said, ensuring flawless performance is critical to the success of retail business.

To create great digital experiences, retailers need to have broader visibility across their ever-expanding application landscapes, to monitor not just their own front and back-end performance but also identify root causes outside the traditional tech stack. AppDynamics provides Full Stack Observability across the entire business application ecosystem — from business analytics to the customer experience, all the way down to the application and code to the lowest level network and infrastructure health. Empowered with the business lens, technologists can pinpoint the most critical data and contextualize IT performance with real-time business data, enabling them to prioritize tasks with data-driven insight that improves your customer experience and deliver bottom-line results. This enables retailers to be more strategic, to better prioritize what to respond to, and how resources are deployed, while never losing sight of what’s most important—the business, customers, employees, and users.

AutoNation is transforming the automotive retail industry through leadership and innovation as they embark on their digital transformation journey.  They have turned to AppDynamics to see every component of their application delivery chain and ensure issues are addressed before they affect the buyer. Not only did they achieve unprecedented visibility in their IT systems, but they are also now able to correlate data to proactively address their underlying issues. Read the full case study here.




AppDynamics, combined with Cisco’s extensive domain expertise, enables your business to deliver the consistently excellent digital experiences that customers demand. We reinforce full-stack observability by combining the power of application performance monitoring with AppDynamics, network monitoring with ThousandEyes, infrastructure optimization with Intersight, and application security with Cisco Secure Application.

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Brandy Smith

Senior GTM Enablement Specialist