As Bonnie Raitt would say, let’s give them something to talk about! And that is exactly what we intend to do at Cisco Live 2023 in Las Vegas (June 4-8, 2023). While planning for Cisco Live, we intentionally placed innovation at the heart of our design process to encourage the team to think differently about how Cisco positions Retail IT to our CLUS attendees. 

It is important to recognize that the retail industry is evolving so quickly in part due to consumers being at the center of the digital eruption that’s surrounding us. This has created new pressures for retail startups and traditional retailers to do more with less. But keep in mind – increasing employee productivity, connecting with customers, simplifying store operations and securely improving digital capabilities can be powered by the strong foundation of a modern network. Let’s dig in a little deeper for a sneak peek at what you can expect to see at Cisco Live.

Visit the Cisco Store Tech Lab 

The Cisco Store Tech Lab is comprised of Cisco and partner technology working together to power the retail environment of the Cisco Store. Our customers, partners, and even our own Cisco employees will be drawn to the store when they spot Wipro VisionEDGE powered digital screens located throughout the store to engage shoppers. As an ode to Cisco’s mission to power an inclusive future for all, all the merchandise in store has a component to it, so whether it be being created with recycled materials, giving back to communities, and more. 

Try the store’s augmented reality app, the Cisco Store Xplorer, if you are interested in engaging and learning about the retail solutions deployed in the Cisco Store Tech Lab. The Cisco Store Xplorer allows users to uncover the Cisco and partner ecosystem through the lens of a phone. By interacting with hotspots, the user can engage with the technology and learn how it is used. 

View the live in store Cisco Meraki camera feeds through Meraki Display, an Apple TV app. Hop into the fisheye camera atop the checkout line and learn how we leverage our partner, EVERYANGLE, for queue counting. We will dive into the dashboard showing customer analytics including gender, age, and sentiment. Participate in our smart fitting rooms powered by Keonn RFID, learn about our electronic shelf labels by SES Imagotag, stop by our mobile kiosk to order online and ship to home, and learn how we leverage MeldCX for customer journey mapping.  

Join us! 

If you are attending CLUS, make plans to visit The Cisco Store and sign up for one of the Cisco Store Tech Lab Tours in the sessions catalog available Monday-Thursday! We have retail experts on hand to answer your questions and to help you navigate the in-store experience. But, if you are not in town, visit the Cisco Store website for full access to Cisco merchandise and our Portfolio Explorer to learn more about our retail solutions. 


Brian Domine

Technology Lead - Cisco Store Tech Lab

Marketing - Planning and Operations