Brian Domine

Technology Lead - Cisco Store Tech Lab

Marketing - Planning and Operations

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February 16, 2024


Fly to Amsterdam with the Cisco Store

4 min read

Curious about what it takes for the Cisco Store to travel to Cisco Live EMEA? Read on to learn more!

How can you power the future of retail?

2 min read

Innovation lies at the heart of our design process. See how our team works to think differently about how Cisco positions Retail IT to our CLUS attendees.

November 30, 2022


Retail shopping through a new lens

3 min read

Have you visited our Cisco Store Tech Lab in San Jose, California? Let's dive into how the store showcases our latest Cisco and partner retail solutions. The Cisco Store Tech Lab is a space for both Cisco and partners to test their latest products and refine them based on real world data.