Cisco Live (June 10th-14th at the Orange County Convention Center) is just around the corner. This event delivers hands-on experiences for attendees, and empowers them to learn what’s coming for the digital world, grow in their skillsets, and engage with new technologies. More than 1,000 educational sessions and the joining of Cisco executives, partners and visionary IT business leaders pave the way for innovation on how you can drive a better Retail business from the network up.

This year, we are bringing a fully integrated Retail experience to all corners of the show floor. There is a lot to get excited about, especially if it’s your first time at CLUS. Complete with demos, great sessions and networking events, this year’s Cisco Live US is sure to bring the connected retail experience to life.

Where can I see retail demos?

Go ahead and put yourself in the customers’ shoes. Discover what new digital solutions excite you and retailers alike about the future of Retail, and ultimately which solutions will accelerate your business. Check out our hands on, integrated retail demos at the simulated shopping Retail Experience in Dev Net, featuring the Kinetic ToyBox. Visit booth 2385

Retail Overview 

Experience retail solutions, powered by the strong foundation of a modern network. Increase employee productivity. Reinvent the customer experience. Simplify store operations. Enhance security and compliance. All so you can delight your customers and strengthen your retail business. Learn more

Customer Experience

Personalization is becoming the norm in retail. Trigger dynamic digital signage to reflect a personal greeting and indicate sensor-activated data using Cisco Vision dynamic digital signage. Launch mobile solutions enabling connected, frictionless customer experiences with our MishiPay mobile payment scan-and-go feature. Putting the customer first is the way to build your brand and keep customers coming back. Learn more

Employee Productivity

Empower your employees with the tools and information to inspire the Consumer 2020. Improve your operational efficiency—and your bottom line—with digital solutions for inventory and task management. Check out our CMX-Operational Insights and our Smart Cooler demos to see how generating actionable insights gives retailers the advantage both from in-store activity as well as from digital platforms on how to best know and serve their customers. Learn more


Digital solutions deliver seamless in-store experiences—potentially at the expense of a store’s security. Initiate real-time IoT data at our ToyBox demo, utilizing Cisco Vision integrated with Cisco’s retail partners Impinj and Sato Global Solutions. Remove merchandise from the shelf area without simulated payment to trigger digital signage and a security alarm. This IoT solution gives retailers a 360-degree view of their inventory on their road to digital transformation. Learn more


You can also see retail in action at the Cisco Store located in the Hub. Choose your own adventure as you virtually navigate digital retail solutions recently deployed in the Connected Cisco Store at headquarters. Experience real-time Meraki security solutions and analytics platforms in this fully functional Cisco Store too, separate from the seamless retail experience at the grab-and-go store in the World of Solutions. Visit Level 1: West Lobby A/B & Booth 3751

What retail sessions can I attend?The Future of Retail Automation/IoT  [SOLIOT-1011]

Tuesday, June 12th 1PM-1:15PM & Wednesday, June 13th 10:30AM-10:45AM

World of Solutions, Campus Area

IoT and Automation offers over $2 Trillion in value to the retail industry through platforms that can optimize operations and improve the customer experience. By using IoT technologies as a foundation, retail customers are automating store operations, enabling mobile-first shopping and driving the omni-channel experience to exponentially increased per-store profitability. This session will deep dive into Cisco’s Retail IoT offers and discuss how you can be a part of our Retail success. Together we will discuss our Retail IoT solutions, their architecture & components and our plans for scaling them. Join us for a highly interactive & collaborative session that explores Cisco’s Retail IoT approach.

Ecosystem Partner Collaboration [PTRGEN-1011]

Tuesday, June 12th 9AM-9:30AM

Rosen Centre, Ballroom C-E

Retailers want a faster and more intelligent network to enable mobile customer experiences, next generation loss prevention platforms and improved cyber security. Learn more about the true power of the partner ecosystem with our ToyBox retail store, and how this experience on our secure intelligent digital platform is unlike what anyone else can deliver.

Check out all the retail sessions and demos here.

Can’t make it to Cisco Live this year? Join us online as we gather innovative thinkers and leaders to discuss the ideas and technologies that are the foundation of digital transformation.



Nicki Vereschagin

Global Retail Marketing Content Strategist

Global Industries Marketing