In this episode of Cisco Champion Radio, we chat with Stuart Clark of Cisco DevNet and Rick Sherman of Puppet about network automation. Our Cisco Champion hosts are Daren Fulwell and Pieter-Jan Nefkens.

Podcast Discussion Topics

  • Various ways to do network integration, it isn’t all Python!
  • What makes Puppet unique
  • How the DevOps culture is breaking down silos in the office
  • How to get started with Puppet
  • Cisco DevNet Learning Labs and Sandboxes
  • Hooking up Puppet to Cisco DNA Center
  • What does automation look like in 10-years’ time

Cisco Champion Hosts

  • Daren Fulwell (@darenfulwell), Cisco Champion member, Network Architect, ANS Group.
  • Pieter-Jan Nefkens (@pjnef), Cisco Champion member, Consultant, Nefkens Advies.

Cisco Guest

  • Stuart Clark (@bigevilbeard), Network Automation Developer DevNet.

Puppet Guest



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