#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists, hosted by Cisco’s Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja). This week we’re talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) with guest moderator, Cisco’s Lauren Friedman (@lauren)

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Featured Guests:
Cisco Champions: Scott MacDonald (@McRockCapital), Rickard Strid (@rikardstrid)
Cisco Subject Matter Expert: Todd Baker

The difference between Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE)
What is IOx
How industries will be touched by IoT, from jet engines to toasters
How Cloud and Fog impact I.T. professionals
How smart endpoints help solve Cloud cost and bandwidth issues
Security in the real IoT world

williamcaban So, besides the concept of connecting everything@everywhere, does IoT brings any new protocol?
CommsNinja Good question William–we’ll get that one answered in a minute.
williamcaban Can IoT be seen as a “bigdata” problem sourced in hyper-connectivity?
subnetwork fog…new marketing term…a unicorn just received its wings and became a pegacorn
CommsNinja LOL
williamcaban cloud + fog + storms…. should we get a degree in Weather Forecasting?
LaurenFriedman @william – you havent?
CommsNinja More LOL
williamcaban @LaurenFriedman LOL
subnetwork so we are talking SNR for data
subnetwork right
LaurenFriedman @subnetwork woo hoo!
Billyc5022 can we attach cameras to unicorns and stream their flights through the cloud
CommsNinja Yes
CommsNinja #GoProWithGlitter
koolaidIT Practical applications; earthquake early warning sensors
amyengineer never forget the glitter
CommsNinja Good one @koolaidIT
subnetwork one easy example is IFTTT, making data useful
koolaidIT Every time i hear about this Malaysian flight IoT comes to mind
Billyc5022 @koolaidIT
Billyc5022 good one
subnetwork maybe not flowers, but there are already projects that text you if you need to water your flowers
Billyc5022 Are we seeing an IoT impact on WiFi and 4G networks ?
koolaidIT #CLUS keynote demo last year was monitoring corn crops as part of the overall soda supply system
CommsNinja I’ve already jobbed out my brain to my phone, why not my gardening.
CommsNinja I’ve seen something with cattle as well.
subnetwork The biggest problem is that the current networks don’t apply to sensor networks
amyengineer How is IPv6 playing a role in the IoT? Is the current depletion of IPv4 addresses moving forward or holding back IoT?
ROBSTEELE cattle are tracked and delivered specific food / medication based on need
subnetwork great questions amyengineer, as always
twidfeki What about replacing the security rich SCADA networks with IoT devices?
LaurenFriedman @commsninja – you saw the IoT infographic from a few years ago
koolaidIT where’s @Gallifreyan, IoT @ Disney https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/my-disney-experience/bands-cards/
amyengineer laughing out loud at “security rich SCADA”
Billyc5022 where do I get those sensors ? My mini-mes need them
subnetwork which goes back to the statement that current networks don’t support sensor networks in the traditional manner
amyengineer practically how do you handle security when manufacturers are slapping a NIC on a device and calling it a day? Things like HVAC come to mind…
koolaidIT In re: security, some are considering the anti #IoT (which is wrong)
koolaidIT https://securityledger.com/2014/03/is-analog-the-answer-to-our-digital-insecurity-dilemma/
LaurenFriedman @amyengineer like HVAC company and target?
Guest 9 When can we expect additional information about IOx are there whitepapers or technical resources available?
subnetwork sounds like InterCloud
williamcaban So, we need a Facebook for devices! Now I’ve seen everything!
CommsNinja If my flowers friend me on FB, I quit.
koolaidIT if @Pinebeard can exist, why not your flowers?
williamcaban ROFTL!
CommsNinja ROFL +1!
Billyc5022 privacy concerns with every IoT device we own “phoning home”.
koolaidIT ^^This
williamcaban did I miss the answer for this: Besides the concept of connecting everything@everywhere, does IoT brings any new protocol?
Billyc5022 brings more network traffic and more and bigger databases
williamcaban Fire!… and the flowers start screaming (by SMS)
CommsNinja FB Post: Is it hot in here? #thetulips
williamcaban LOL
subnetwork LOL
koolaidIT What will we be seeing in terms of redistribution of the wireless spectrum. Is there enough currently available to support most applications?
Billyc5022 Fire!… and the flowers start screaming (via Jabber)
CommsNinja Be warned: we’re wrapping in ~10. I’m going to unmute all the called in people.
Billyc5022 more UCS servers
Scottmacdonald No Questions?Perhaps I should play my guitar
CommsNinja LOL


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