#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists, hosted by Cisco’s Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja). This week we’re talking about Cisco Certifications.

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Featured Guests:
Cisco Champion: Stephen Rodriguez (@WiFiJanitor)
Cisco Subject Matter Experts: Antonella Corno, Errol Hayward (@errolhayward), Matt Saunders (@citylifematt)

Developing Cisco Certifications from the outside in, looking at currrent job roles in the market
Certified Partners vs. individual Specialist Certifications
Cisco Learning Network
New Cisco Certifications SME Recruitment Program
How Cisco works to protects certifications from being compromised
How far you can go with emulators before you need actual equipment
Cloud Lab access and other Learning Labs
IT Training Videos and Seminars
Network Programmability Training
How certifications change experience in the workplace

@citylifematt In terms of Exam Development, we also just launched a really cool program around being a SME for the exam team: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-22141
@citylifematt I know @thetasigma is thinking about pursuing a couple of certs, anyone else?
@wifijanitor I’m looking on doubling down on my IE, studying for Wireless Lab
@citylifematt wow, excellent!
thetasigma I’m aiming for datacenter path, yeah, trying to refine what I’ve done on unified computing. Also pondering some level of R&S
@CommsNinja That’s my other question–what certs do people on the call have?
PhilJones I will probably be doing some of the Datacenter track myself but I am working other tracks at this point mostly in the Virtualization space
@citylifematt @thetasigma – Have you been able to go through any of those videos yet?
@citylifematt Nice, Phil – Let me know when you get started… I can point you in a few good directions in the DC track
thetasigma @citylifematt not really… I did start @Chris Wahl’s pluralsight videos but will be going into more exploration this coming month.
@citylifematt cool, cool
@stilgar @CommsNinja – I have CCNA R&S and working on my CCNP R&S right now.
@citylifematt Gally1 comes first anyways
@scottm32768 I have CCNP, CCDA, CCNA Wireless. I’m working schizophrenically on CCDP, CCNP Wireless, and CCIE R&S.
@citylifematt High five @stilgar
@wifijanitor  @Commsninja CCNA, CCNA-W, CCNP-W, CCIE R&S, and Boarderless FE
thetasigma boarderless fe means you don’t have anyone renting a room in your house?
@CommsNinja Lots of rock stars here!
@CommsNinja Great question Steve–any other Qs from the crowd?
@citylifematt Ahem <join the Cisco Learning Network> ahem
@stilgar One bit of guidance would be… how much can you do/how far can you go with emulators, and when do you need real kit?
@CommsNinja Settle down Matt!
thetasigma And how do you deal with that if you don’t have a MDS or a UCS pod in your spare bedroom at home?
@citylifematt lol :<
@CommsNinja I’m going to unmute you @thetasigma and you can ask that live in just a minute. Unmuting you now!
@citylifematt @thetasigma – Great question, the UCS/Nexus environments can be tough right now. Have you tried the CloudLabs yet?
@NetworkingNerd Anything that can be done on a router can be done with emulators (like CML). Anything that requires specific ASICs needs a switch.
@scottm32768 There’s no substitute for hands on time with equipment. You can be book smart, but actually seeing it work really solidifies your knowledge.
@scottm32768 Oh, and when you’re taking the exam, don’t overthink the question.
@wifijanitor agreed Scott, real world is definitely needed when prepping
@citylifematt For Nexus: CloudLabs: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/thread/50503
@NetworkingNerd Do NOT underestimate the time crunch on the tests. You WILL run out of time if you don’t keep track of the big picture.
@wifijanitor that’s my best advice to people taking the lab, 10-15 if you are stuck, then move on and come back. time management is key
@scottm32768 Definately agree with Tom. I failed my first attempt at ROUTE because I let myself get tunnel vision during a sim.
@CommsNinja Great feedback!
@CommsNinja More questions from the esteemed gallery?
@stilgar @NetworkingNerd you are so right! Even with the NA and NP level time is the killer!
thetasigma Well, it is easy to find them on eBay cheaper-than-new, but licensing and support don’t come cheap.
@NetworkingNerd CML should be able to emulate everything now since the v5 IE lab is 100% virtual.
@scottm32768  Posted this morning http://www.mostlynetworks.com/2014/02/cisco-modeling-labs-overview/
@scottm32768  Nice stuff from Milan, though. I’ll have to backport that update in my post.
PhilJones http://blog.ipspace.net/2013/10/cisco-modeling-lab-virl-behind-scenes.html Modeling Lab (VIRL) behind the scenes
@CommsNinja More questions? Otherwise, I’m gonna keep asking them.
@wifijanitor  aaron, anything?
@citylifematt darn I have a question too!
@wifijanitor cough SDN*cough*
thetasigma emulators are SDN
@scottm32768 ooh, yeah. What’s going on with the “network programmability” training?
@NetworkingNerd Only if they have a forwarding plane.
@CommsNinja Matt, Steve, ask your questions! We wrap in 5-7
 aconaway I’ll save my rants for another forum.
@citylifematt If I can, I’ll share one more link: Tech Seminars and Recordings here:https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/learning_center/it_training_videos
@NetworkingNerd I like this point. If you’re going to argue for tech adoption, you better know how to speak OpEX alongside OSPF.
@citylifematt @Amy Scotts is a better question (Network Programmability )
@CommsNinja Matt, you can ask on his behalf!
@citylifematt ok
@citylifematt bam
 aconaway Jinx!
@scottm32768 I’ve seen some of that sort of OpEx thinking present in the design track.
@citylifematt @scott – very true
@wifijanitor same kinda question track I was thinking of scott & matt, great minds and all
@citylifematt you said my name, the jinx is off
thetasigma But remember to focus on TOI and not just ROI.
Chris Wahl I’ve really enjoyed the focus Cisco has put on the DC track. Layer 2 is my home.
@citylifematt @Chris – That’s awesome Makes my day.
@scottm32768 yep
@NetworkingNerd Layer 2 is a nice home. Not too big, and everything is just a single hop away.
@CommsNinja LOL
thetasigma It’s just a step to the left.
Chris Wahl It’s like the Cheers bar. Everyone knows your MAC.
@CommsNinja I’m more of a Layer 8 problem.
thetasigma @CommsNinja: I used to have layer 7 problems, but now I get my burritos at Chipotle instead of Taco Bell.
@citylifematt WHAT, no bacon?!
 PhilJones Unicorn flavored bacon


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