#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists hosted by Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja). This week we’re talking about the Cisco Learning Network (CLN).

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Cisco SMEs
Brett Lovins @brettlovins, Community Manager for the Cisco Learning Network (CLN)
Matt Saunders, @citylifematt, Community Manager for the Cisco Learning Network (CLN)

Cisco Champions
Colin Lynch @UCSguru, Principal Consultant
Brad Haynes @GK_bradhaynes, Client Solutions Specialist

How you can use CLN for training and learning
Resources available on CLN
How the community plays a key role in helping members learn and train
Benefits of Premium CLN Membership
Ways to get the most from CLN: for new and advanced users, connecting to the community, using MyStuff feature

Cisco Learning Network Home Page

CommsNinja Love the amount of crossover and partnership here. Go VIPs, Go Champions!
Perkzilla Premium need more DataCenter!
CommsNinja As always, get your questions prepared. I’ve got some too.
Fish14 hi, Daniel
CommsNinja quick show of virtual hands–who is on or has tried the site before?
danieldib \o
ucsguru Aye
Fish14 I don’t know how to put my virtual hand up
Perkzilla o/
Fish14 can you tell I have my right hand raised right now?
Perkzilla Community gives you an opportunity to teach, and teaching helps you learn!
avalonhawk very good point
ucsguru Those that can teach, those that can’t teach Gym
CommsNinja LOL
aconaway /me waves.
MattSaunders that’s exactly it PerkZilla!
MattSaunders “Community gives you an opportunity to teach, and teaching helps you learn!”
Perkzilla Showing chops = get embarrassed by Robert…but hey, you’re still learning!
RoutingNinja I wish I had more time to hang in the communities
danieldib I usually turn off notifications and when I enter the site I sort on the newest posts
danieldib I look for posts with 0 answers to see if I can get those started
MattSaunders @ Daniel – yep, protip
Fish14 Daniel needs to give us a “protip” list
danieldib Maybe there’s a blog post in that…
danieldib Let me think about it
Fish14 yes yes… do it
RoutingNinja ::peer pressure::
avalonhawk no pressure, none at all
CommsNinja That was one of my questions: top 5 ways to get the most from CLN
CommsNinja I do 3 a numbered list.
Perkzilla And there is no premium content!
RoutingNinja No pressure.. that’s what I told myself when the reporter dude at Cisco Live asked me to do an interview about the conference
RoutingNinja and then he told me 120,000 people were watching it live ahead of the closing keynote
RoutingNinja I was like… thanks man.. no pressure there.
danieldib Tough being a superhero
danieldib Gives you some perspective doesn’t it
RoutingNinja I guess the cape did stand out a bit
Fish14 yup yup
Perkzilla NO CAPES!
MattSaunders https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/about/invite-friend
ucsguru any questions from the floor?
MattSaunders #TheCiscoLearningNetwork
avalonhawk polar bears
ghostinthenet We’re here, eh?
ghostinthenet Pearson Publishing
ghostinthenet VUE is the Testing Arm
BrettLovins https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/learning_center/meet_authors
MattSaunders thank you Ghostinthenet!
BrettLovins Study Groups: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/learning_center/featured-groups
BrettLovins All your exam topics: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/learning_center/certification_exam_topics
BrettLovins CCIE RS – https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/learning_center/ccie-rs-tech-seminars
ucsguru Cool, Python for the traditional networker, is a current topic close to my heart
aconaway Completely missed this whole thing thanks to work. Darn you, requirement to make money! shakes fist
MattSaunders SDN/Network Programability Training/Exams: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-22087
Perkzilla @ucsguru +1
danieldib Any design sessions coming up?
Stilgar @aconaway money is highly over-rated
CommsNinja everyone is unmuted if you have more questions.
ucsguru Is N9k / ACI planned for the CCIE DC track at some point
danieldib Great! Get those on there
Perkzilla Bye!
MattSaunders bye everyone!!


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