#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists, hosted by Cisco’s Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja). This week Dominick Delfino, VP Systems Engineering at Cisco, joins Cisco Champion and Senior Pre-Sales Engineer Ahmad Manzoor. The topic is the Value of the Partner Eco-System.


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Cisco Subject Matter Expert:
Dominick Delfino, VP Systems Engineering Cisco (@domdelfino)

Cisco Champion:
Ahmad Manzoor, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer (@AhmadManzoor1)

Delivering robust customer solutions through partnerships
Putting customers first
The future of the Partner Eco-System and Infrastructure Architecture
How an effective Cisco Partnership works

GideonTam Wow, Dominick Delfino is here! Exciting!!!
RickVanover @Lauren is here – We can start!
LaurenFriedman @rickv  no mocking. I know where your twitter lives
CommsNinja Okay everyone–get your questions ready!
CommsNinja Like “Will Amy get anyone’s name or title right ever?”
RickVanover Speaker, Dominic is on Twitter at: @domdelfino For those on the line
RickVanover “Co-Opetition”
RickVanover Frenemies
CommsNinja Good questions: who else has one?
CommsNinja In about 10 minutes, I’m doing a group unmute. Be prepared! I will call on you by name.
daspader Pondering questions
RickVanover API is the new Open-ness
RickVanover agreed 100%
CommsNinja Good point
CommsNinja Okay, I am unmuting everyone in a minute. Brace yourselves.
RickVanover :)!
daspader Oh noes!
RickVanover of course I go off mute then 3 tweets come in all at once
CommsNinja And I sent all of them.
daspader @rick didn’t hear them, no worries
RickVanover ha ha
RickVanover got a follow up q
daspader @rick preparing to send you tweet
CommsNinja Let’s test his focus by tweeting @rickvanover right now
daspader lol
CommsNinja Who else has questions? Looking at you Bill and Rob
CommsNinja Also chat questions welcome
RickVanover (That’s the vSphere vs. Hyper-V life I live btw)
RickVanover Sometimes I put 5 O’s in Hadoop
CommsNinja We are about 10 minutes from concluding–get your questions ready!
RickVanover Incredible journey on UCS in the market 0 to #2
RickVanover server platform is a very ‘religous’ issue in the data center
LaurenFriedman @rick  I hear it is the year of linux on the desktop
RickVanover HA HA, What’s Linux?
LaurenFriedman D
woharrow Well done Dom.
RickVanover Thank you Ninja!
daspader Thanks, I’m off to another call
RickVanover later!
aconaway Just in time to end the show


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