#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists, hosted by Cisco’s Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja). This week Chris Young, SVP Security Business Group Cisco, and Bill Carter, Senior Network Engineer and Cisco Champion, talk about Intelligent Cyber Security for the real world.

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Cisco Subject Matter Expert: Chris Young, SVP Security Business Group Cisco (@YoungDChris)
Cisco Champion: Bill Carter, Senior Network Engineer (@billyc5022)

How Cisco deals with fragmentation in Security market
Attack-driven model for Security, before, during and after
How Sourcefire acquisition fits in with Cisco Security
Open Source Security around Snort Community
OpenApp ID (application-focused detection language and processing module for Snort)

CommsNinja Poll for the people: do we focus more on personal device security than enterprise level? Discuss.
subnetwork I would say that personal device is driving a lot of change for the security aspects inside the network
LaurenFriedman I live with Fyodor so I focus on Port Scanning!
subnetwork rather than the traditional enterprise focus on border security
saintdle we’ve been trying to go with the theory that all end user devices are compromised, and therefore protect core systems that end user devices connect to
GideonTam I agree with subnetwork, as this is what I see in my organization and what I have been hearing from others.
subnetwork saintdie, I believe your approach is the only way to address things in the future
subnetwork it reminds me a lot of when I worked in education (UNC) years ago, where there was no hardened edge
saintdle its an L not i, haha sounds a bit sadistic otherwise saint-die haha, but yes, there are so many ways users can connect to your systems
saintdle i spent 3 years working in education
GideonTam The BYOD before was only BYO-Laptops, which was easier to be handled by IT. Now the mobile devices (even multiple mobile devices per person)…
GideonTam … are a totally different landscape.
subnetwork lol gotcha saintdLe…
scottm32768 To some degree, I think enterprise border security is pretty much set. Not much going on there and it’s relatively straight forward.
saintdle it was a minefield, especially because of the andriod market in terms of price of devices, but early versions have so many issues.
saintdle yes Scott, the border is defined in the way it needs to be set up to the public interface in a way
scottm32768 The attack vectors are now centered around attacking apps and getting people to helpfully compromise their own device with the promise of flying bigs.
saintdle but saying that i had a customer who messed up this “blueprint” ended up with a hacked PBX system
subnetwork I think the future looks more like every L3 device becomes a security device
scottm32768 pigs, ratehr.
scottm32768 /me fails typing for the day.
saintdle keyboard hacked
saintdle i think we will see a rise of something like microsoft NPS working well again, where devices that need access into more “core systems” need to be….
saintdle ensured they fit a certian level of patches etc
saintdle previously NPS for MS has been more of a headache to implement
scottm32768 Problem with that is it essentially trusts the client to tell the truth.
amyengineer clients wouldn’t lie, would they?
saintdle I think BYOD means we have a responsibility on educating the end user
saintdle a good number of risks can be mitigated by educating the user, dont open emails that you dont expect, i.e off the Tax office
amyengineer educating the user is ideal, but reaching all users can be problematic. Users have varying levels of comprehension as well…
scottm32768 amen
saintdle yes, I dont expect we can hit every user, but some days you have issues, you sit down and you think “did i do everything I could have resonably done…
saintdle to have mitigated this issue”
saintdle obviously its a never ending circle
CommsNinja More questions for Chris? Now is your chance!
saintdle are cisco going to carry on developing miraki’s mobile device management platform that was free previously?
subnetwork one of the concepts that is continually discussed in networking is the model of overlays.
subnetwork Do we see a future where network layer, application specific overlays become a security solution as well?
Billyc5022 good question ^
subnetwork with great complexity, comes great vulernabilities
amyengineer ha! well stated!
saintdle just remove wireless from your building,  stop your users accessing your system with their god damn tablets and phones
saintdle I joke I joke
saintdle just to relate to real world, I had a small college in UK that was hacked from venuzela, SQL injection attack via their timetable page on their websit
subnetwork good question!
saintdle website*
@gallifreyan I like that question. Asked the BigSwitch guys that one at Interop
subnetwork @amyenginner…you haven’t asked an awesome question yet…you always do…I’m waiting #nopressure
amyengineer he just started talking about my question I was about to send, the internet of everything and security
CommsNinja We are wrapping in 5-7–now is the time for questions
amyengineer didn’t type fast enough
CommsNinja I will unmute everyone in 2 minutes, so you can ask live.
saintdle my worry is about companies running into “future” with technologies, giving all access, without fully understanding the technology,
amyengineer I worry that every manufacturer of any kind of widget is just slapping a NIC on it and calling it a day
amyengineer dav=day
CommsNinja Okay, unmuting the audience.
amyengineer my typing was hacked today as well…
GideonTam Haha, amyengineer.
CommsNinja Good Question


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