cisco_champions BADGE_200x200#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking with Cisco Engineer Dave Dube, about the Cisco Technical Support mobile app. Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja) moderates and Stephen Rodriguez and James Bowling are this week’s Cisco Champion guest hosts.

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Cisco SME
Dave Dube, @davidjdube, Dave Dube, Cisco Product Manager

Cisco Champions
Stephen Rodriguez, @WiFiJanitor, Senior Solutions Engineer
James Bowling, @vsential, Cloud Architect

What is the Cisco tech support mobile app?
How does it work?
Services on mobile app
Helpful use cases for the Cisco tech support mobile app
Tips for using the Cisco tech support mobile app
@wirelesssguru Getting Cisco tech support from Machu Picchu!
wireless guru mobile app tech support

erickbe CommsNinja – lol… maybe we can have a call w/the support forums team next
wifijanitor I’m sure they would love that, and I’ll volunteer to co-host that chat as well!
erickbe the main things i use it for now is bug search and the tac hot issue feeds
nportillo I use readability which also allows me to send the content to my kindle
CommsNinja Niiiiccceeee!!
erickbe nportillo – does the readability work w/kindle paper or only fire?
nportillo with Kindle app. I am using the kindle app in my Nook and my woindows phone
nportillo works in any device that runs the kindle app. device agnostic
CommsNinja If you have a wish list for the mobile app, now is your chance!
acheltenham I am installing it now … but to be honest my cisco gear never broke..
wifijanitor wow, blackberry!?
nportillo I am one of those windows phone user
CommsNinja I may have to tease you about that Nestor.
djdube Feel free to reach out to me… @davidjdube
erickbe +1 to bringing the forums back in a usable matter
acheltenham my office is right next to cisco building.
CommsNinja LOL. Nice!!
CommsNinja **knocks on door**


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